Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Insta-Style and My Birthday

Today is my birthday and I've been celebrating it with friends and my hubby since last weekend.  I'm having a blast but I'm behind on blogging and I thought I would just show a little recap of my insta-style (if you don't follow on instagram or Facebook).  Sometimes I don't get a chance to take photos so instagram is the easiest way to capture and share what I'm wearing and doing.  With the arrival of super cold weather, I really haven't been motivated to head outside for any pictures.  Winter came too soon!

I wore this to a friend's wedding - my favorite red dress.  Dress here.
Crystal Frosting Necklace, Love this cape alternative that can be worn as a coat

Dress     |      Shoes      |      Purse     |     Necklace    |      Bracelet     |  

I love this tweed dress with some feminine accessories.  With the weather now, stockings and/or some boots are in the mix.

Rocking black and my new luxe design.  

I was so excited that Oprah Magazine featured our pink pave bracelet in their December issue for affordable great buys!

 1st b-day dinner out with the hubby and some friends.  You can't see the details of my dress, but it is adorable with a big bow on the side and affordable!  Dress here, Affordable bow pumps on sale here

 Birthday dinner last night with just the girls!  
Purse     |     Earrings     |     

Out tonight to celebrate with the hubby.  Wishing you a wonderful week by a warm fire with a glass of wine!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Boyfriend Pastels

Red soles and red wine
This weekend was full of fun.  A kids concert with my son Grant, my birthday dinner with some friends and a little bit of snow flurries on Sunday.  I've been feeling under the weather with a cold; my husband has been great at waking up with the kids early to let me sleep in and get better.  Officially my birthday is this Wednesday, and I'm having more dinners this week.  With all the rest I got this weekend, I'm excited for all the festivities to come.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stars and a Statement Necklace

Black Blazer, Tibi Stars Cami and Denim
One of my favorite jewelry pieces that we designed is the one I'm wearing here.  I've been wearing it a ton around town and I get stopped everywhere to ask where to get it.  I love being able to say it's my own design and on my own website :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm So Fancy

Red Soles and Red Wine
This month is the start of many of my favorite things.  Family time, Thanksgiving, the holidays, Christmas and something that I used to really look forward to my birthday.  I'm still trying to feel more comfortable getting a year older.  I know some people embrace age and talk about all that they learned and etc.  But I've got to be honest, I hate the number, how tired I feel at times, and how with age I've become way more of stress case than in my 20's. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Grays with Calypso

Gray is trending this season, but when is it every out?  It  is a great neutral and if you aren't a black or brown person, it's the perfect hue for winter.


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