Thursday, May 26, 2016

Style Steal: Floral Print Dress for $18

Style for a steal at $18 . . . 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Best Gift - Maps by A.Jaffe and Feather Style

Two big things I'm sharing today:  
1) Last day to get 25% off my designs at t+j Designs!  Including this feather top I'm wearing.
2) I'm always looking for the best gifts for my mom, friends, sister, etc and when the team at A.Jaffe reached out I jumped on board to share. (More details . . . )

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Life Recap: 500 Startups, Costa Rica, Flamingos and Food

Since I last posted so much has happened, I wanted to share all the highlights with a round up of great photos and captions.  And yes, as always style is involved (but some business too)

#1  500 Startups  - see the announcement on TechCrunch that my company, t+j Designs, is part of Batch 17 for 500 startups. We officially started our program in Mountain View in the beginning of May with 40 other companies.  What is it you ask?  It is an accelerator program that will jumpstart us to not only grow more, but seek funding to "accelerate" even more growth.  6 months ago my sis and I embarked on a journey to learn more about the "funding world".  We had little knowledge of accelerators, how to get funding or even where to start but with one trip and some great networking we met wonderful people.  And due to a good friend (who introduced us to 500), asking questions, rounds of interviews, we got an offer to be a part of this next Batch.  It is amazing, it is scary (yes being away every week from our kids), it is exciting.  I hope to blog more about the journey but to be honest these days work is piled even higher with the amount of items I've already learned in the first week!  Stay tuned for more.

25% off just this week!  Shop our Friends and Family

2. My brother's wedding was last week. In the midst of being accepted into 500, was my brother's gorgeous wedding.  Set in Costa Rica (yes three flights to get here with my two little kids, but once there, man was it pretty) St. Theresa was a magical place for him and his wife to get married.  We stayed in a house called Casa Capitan and was it picture perfect. Some highlights of photos below:

Out of Office Hat     |   White Dress Coverup 
 Flamingo here,  Similar bathing suit here and here
Do not Disturb Hat    |    My favorite new swimsuit
Similar suit here and here

My cute son wanting to jump shot with us!  My kids had soooo much fun on the beach and the awesome pool.
Beautiful reception.  I have so many more photos to share, more to come.

3.  Lemons and Feathers make my day and my customers!  Our two prints are our customer favorites and mine as well as I've been wearing them non stop.

I have so many cute shots of this dress - here is a sneak peak and yes 25% off right now, style steal!

Shop all items on my site for 25% off here t+j Designs

4.  Date night at The Kitchen at Waldorf Astoria Chicago - it was one of few date nights lately as our schedules have been jam packed with travel, kids, and work.  I got invited to the pop up restaurant to taste their new menu and we made it a date night.  We beyond loved it.  Service was impeccable, champagne a flowing, and my pasta dish and scallops were to die for.  I already love the Waldorf in general, the spa is a favorite of mine, add to it the restaurant, maybe I should move in permanently and be Blair Waldorf (yes I loved gossip girl)!  

Steak Tartare

Truffles and Lobster Ravioli - hello yum!

I don't do these recaps often but with a whole week missing from blogging and so many pics to share I wanted to round up what life has been.  Crazy but fun. 

Looking forward to sharing one of my favorite gifts I've received (which you need to gift your mom, sister or best friend).  I'll share it in my next post!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kentucky Derby Party Blogger Style with Stella Artois Cidre

How to throw a kick axx Kentucky Derby Party? Combine girlfriends, fashion, the yummiest food, and Stella Artois Cidre Beer and it becomes a fabulous party.  I had so much fun getting together with my girlfriends and we dressed up Derby style (which by the way happens Saturday!).  I'm sharing a ton of photos below.  You don't want to miss the action . . . 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What to Wear to the Kentucky Derby? Pink Derby Style

I was contacted to throw a fabulous Kentucky Derby bash and boy was I excited.  This will be a two part post, the first being this one; what to wear to the Kentucky Derby?  Which for me, means a bold pink dress and the best hat EVER!  And the second blog post will come this Thursday with my Kentucky Derby party. There's a preview of my lovely friends who were a part of it at the end of this post. (I love this photo!)  

So what are my tips on what to wear?


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