Saturday, November 28, 2015

Shopping Style Steals

I didn't really focus on doing any shopping posts but after sharing some instagram pics and getting some questions on my style steals here are some items I'm loving! And the deals are pretty incredible right now.
Comfy and 30% off for $48!
Over the knee boots for 39% off only until 11/30
This beautiful coat for $27!!  Shop it here
I've been eyeing this sandals forever but didn't want to pay $700.  The best find of them all . . . style steal versions for $36 with a bunch of different colors.  Red, Blue, Black, Gray; I got the blue ones, so excited!

Happy shopping! Just some deals I'm loving below:

Friday, November 27, 2015

Bailey44 Black Dress

Comfortable, classic with a twist, and stylish is what comes to mind when I think of Bailey44. This comfy but fitted black dress is perfect for day to night.  

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful for These People (2015)

Each year during the holidays I like to reflect back on the year and give thanks to the many people in my life.

(1) My boys - I am truly amazed at how fast time is flying and that I have an almost four year old.  My boys bring me joy, tears, and of course test my patience, but they are the best things to happen to me.  I'm not the perfect mom and I do choose to work instead of being a stay at home mom, but I hope my boys will see a strong, hard working, motivated woman who loves them dearly. My hugs, my dance moves, my kisses hopefully bring them joy and I will continue to spend more quality time with them.  I love you boys.
2) My husband who is the best dad in the world.  Thank you for bringing constant joy to the boys, taking photos whenever I need and supporting my dream job.  You are the anchor to our family.  
3) My Mom and Dad - they just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary  and look at how young they look!  My fashion sense and motherly part of me comes from my mom.  My drive and my smile comes from my dad.  They work for t+j Designs and couldn't be happier when they see my sister and I succeed.  My dad works almost every weekend!  I miss them and it is incredible to see them as grandparents.   
4) My sister and team.  I can't imagine owning t+j Designs with anyone else but my sister.  We've learned so much about each other, running a business, and it is so nice to have a partner who knows exactly what each other is going through.  With kids, husbands, blog, social media, and work, we have each other's back always.  

My team - so we have a total of 10 people that work for t+j and there's is no way we could run this whole ship without each and everyone of them.  Shannon has been with us for three years (on the right) and she is a huge asset to us.  We beyond love her!  Brittany just started but she has thrown herself in full force and love her work ethic and positivity.  Our shippers, production person, my mom and dad, they are all an integral part of the operation.  Thank you thank you!
5) My friends - these were pictures from my birthday dinner.  Thank you to them for keeping me sane, lending me a shoulder when I need one, drinking with me when I need one :) and being fantastic people in my life.  Much love to these incredible women.

This year for some reason was a bit tougher for me.  It may not seem it through social media and the blog but there  were plenty of ups and downs.  Balancing two kids was harder than I expected and working through some personal stuff is a constant.  Overall I am thankful for so much and I am still growing.  Patience and balance - my vices, but I love my family, career and friends.  So many good things to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  And thank YOU for following me through my life/style journey.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Cozy Cardigan Steal Steal

I am amazed by how fast this year has flown by.  Is it really Thanksgiving week already?
I headed to Target last night to run some errands and exited with so many Christmas goodies that I shouldn't step into Target again soon.  They had the cutest decor items!  

So we all know Thanksgiving week means 1) family time 2) reflecting on how thankful our life is and 3) what should be shopping for because all the deals are happening.   On my list is getting some Christmas gift giving done.  Well, t+j Designs (my company) is offering 25% off right now (only until Wednesday) and so much more coming the end of the week.  Subscribe to our emails (sidebar on my main website).  This cardigan I'm wearing here is part of our new collection and you can get 25% off as well!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Perfect Red Coat for $30 (Style Steal)

This is my weekend wear with my kids.  A cozy stylish coat (for a steal), denim and some booties.  I don't typically take too many photos on the weekend, but when we passed the Double Door garage I loved the background and we snapped some quick pics.  You can see my kids weren't amused :).


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