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Say Yes to the Dress - Glass Slipper Project

After reading my latest posts, I'm sure you are surprised to see me in a wedding dress. It is probably the last thing you would expect to see me in! I am excited to be a joining in on a fabulous event Feb. 28th at the Thompson Hotel, which benefits the Glass Slipper Project in Chicago.  See below for details to come and I will be walking the runway in one of these gorgeous dresses!
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You know I love a good excuse to wear a gorgeous gown and the Glass Slipper Project is a wonderful organization that provides gowns/dresses and accessories to girls going to prom that can not afford it. I love this organization and will be donating some items for the upcoming Prom season.

Dimitra's Bridal Couture had me come in for my fitting and I spent a hour trying on the most beautiful gowns. It is every girls dream to try on a gown for no reason :).  Dimtra's will be one of the wonderful vendors at the event and several ladies will be walking down in their dresses.

My general top 5 tips in buying a gown?

Valentine's For One - Update About Me

Happy Valentine's to you all out there! It's one of my favorite holidays for several reasons, I'm a romantic at heart, I love heart shaped everything, and anything themed red and pink has me at hello. 
Red Soles and Red Wine, red jumpsuit, Best Valentine's Day Outfit, Jennifer Worman, Chicago Style Blog
If you read my New Year's post (here), you know the past year was a tough one and in some ways still is going into 2018.  This Valentine's Day, I'm my own Valentine. Spending time alone has enabled me to think A LOT. Sometimes too much. I'm learning a lot about myself, what I need to work on, and most of all to appreciate all the good in my life. After my NY post, I get asked often, "how are you?". It's a wonderful question and thank you to those that have asked me and for all the love. 

The $34 Pink Duster Coat

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I'm a big fan of coats and pink and when I saw the price of this duster coat I had to have it. Duster coats are great for layering (you can wear a heavier sweater underneath) and the material is so cozy for winter. I wore this when I went downtown for an eyebrow appointment (full review of micro-blading to come next week).  I simply paired it with a bodysuit, jeans, and my signature red soled pumps. 

As you can see - my hair is a bit undone.  I've been heading out, slapping on some concealer, lipstick, sunglasses, and hoping no one notices my bedhead :).

Best Chicago Bodega in a Pink Twist Sweater

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There are two things that make me happy.  Food and fashion.  I started this blog (as you can see in the name) to share both, but as time went on and I looked at my analytics, my readers liked style more than food.  So as years went by my blog mainly embarked on style and tidbits about me. Well, lately I've been revisiting this and figuring out how to incorporate both food and fashion, my way. As I embark in full time blogging and doing social media, I've been exploring different creative ideas.  From concept, to photos, to making sure I'm sharing better content on here. I want to change it up but still be me! Overall less posts, but better quality content per post.

This spot I'm at is a hidden gem next to Barrio in ChicagoBodega serves up the yummiest coffee, drinks, tacos and churros.  And let's talk about the churros . . . 

Pink Fur & 5 Things Friends Should Do For Each Other

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I shared this photo on instagram and got so many questions about my coat.  You can order directly through me (email or I found some great affordable options below that you can click through!

These days my girlfriends are the backbone to my life.  I've spent quite a bit of time with them on the phone, texting, and going out to dinners.  Some friendships have grown stronger and a few have not. I guess going through a life change has taught me to evaluate who is really a friend.  These 5 things I've shared are steps I've loved and valued in my friendships. Anything you can add, please leave me a comment! I love hearing from you.
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