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The Best Boy's Bedroom with The RoomPlace

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My boys recently turned 5 and 3 years old and are in the phase of wanting to sleep in the same room or with us.  I love that they are close and the thought of them sharing a room had crossed our minds but we weren't sure how they would do. When the opportunity came to partner with The RoomPlace, I jumped at the chance of redoing the larger bedroom into a shared room for them.  I LOVED how it turned out and took photos of the finished bedroom(with my cuties in some of them).  As you see, bribery of a lollipop (in their hands) was needed for these killer, sticky smiles.

The It Girl Pink Top You Need To Have

National Pink Day is Friday and what better day than to show off the prettiest pink top.  I'm posting a day earlier (I know it's Thursday) to celebrate one of my favorite colors an extra day.  

Where's this gorgeous pink wall? Click through for details.

Casual for $28 and Top Spots for Kids in Chicago

Two casual tops that are a steal at $28 for today's post AND my top spots to take my kids these days to beat the heat in Chicago!

The Prettiest Top You Need for $24

I'm a sucker for style steals and when this pretty top arrived, I couldn't believe it was only $24. I wore this a month ago with leather leggings, but it looks great with denim or dress it up with a pencil skirt as well. 

Lately I only online shop. With my schedule and my two boys, it is the only way I can shop for fashion (and some essentials on Amazon). How do you online shop? I have some tips on how to make it easier below if you struggle with it or have a fear of buying clothes online.

Tequila Made Me Do It - Guadalajara

Earlier this month I took this beautiful trip to Guadalajara through the Visit Mexico Board. The spectacular trip was planned from beginning to end by them and I got to travel with my girlfriends (who also blog)! It was a definite pinch me moment that due to blogging and social media, I was invited to enjoy, taste, and experience Guadalajara and all it's beauty.
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