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Ultimate Gift Guide: You, Home and Gifts

I recently did a poll on my instagram on what my followers wanted to see and they wanted a gift guide! Instead of a big collage I decided to share my top 5 favorite things by category and these are perfect for you, family, girlfriend and the home.  With all the deals going on, I'm sure most of these will be on sale. I focused on great things I would want rather than all the black friday/cyber monday deals going on.  Most are style steals and the home decor stuff I have (or similar).

#1 Off shoulder sweater    #2 Gray cozy cardigan
#3 Bubble sleeve sweater
#4   Twist back sweater     #5  Leopard sweater

#1 Suede Moto Jacket    #2  Fur Hooded Coat (steal for 25% off)
#3 Faux Fur Faux Leather Jacket
#4 The Best Cargo Fur Jacket   #5 Leopard Faux Fur Coat

#1 Chunky Knit Blanket    #2 Gold Flatware
#3 Agate Tray
#4 Gold Mirrored Bar Cart    #5 Sheepskin Rug
I have all of these! And love a good coffee table set up
#1 Chanel (the classic one)  #2 Elements of Style (love this one)
#3 Chanel (also a great one)
#4 Tom Ford (who doesn't love Tom)  #5 Alexander McQueen (the best cover)

#1 Portable photo printer yes please!
#2 I use my phone all the time and have a portable charger with me at all times
#3 This photo printer literally attaches to your iPhone - perfect for parties!
#4 Pink Luggage - the cutest for travel
#5 I love my noise canceling headphones and on sale!

#1 The belt everyone loves - I found a few spots in stock.  Here and here 
#2 This faux fur wrap has elastic and can be a hat or scarf only $14
#3 I love, love this hat and have all four colors.  The pom is awesome.
#4 The cutest details on these gloves and you can use your phone by folding down the top.
#5 I've been wearing this hat all week! Love it.

Happiest Thanksgiving.  Thankful for you, your support and hope you have a weekend full of food, fun and memories.

Birthday Girl: 5 Things I Have Learned and How I Celebrate!

Birthday Girl Tee shirt, Tulle Skirt, What to Wear on your Birthday, Best Birthday Outfit, Best Birthday Style
I'm a big birthday person.  I love a good birthday celebration whether it is for me or family or friend. A good time celebrating this special day, is the perfect remedy for getting another year older :).

This year was not my year. Not to go into too many details, but it was a rough one.  I've learned a few things this year and thought I would share the 5 things I have learned.

AND I get asked where to dine/go out in Chicago quite a bit, so I am also sharing 5 ways to celebrate your birthday!

The #1 Coat Every Fashion Girl Needs

The only coat a fashionista needs, Chicago Blogger, Jennifer Worman, The best coat for winter, Pink Fur Coat
This is the #1 coat I would recommend to any fashionista and the first time only it is on major FLASH SALE at 46% off (only a few days)!!! From wearing it with something casual (for you leggings ladies) to wearing it with leather leggings, it is the perfect statement and functional outerwear that every fashion girl needs!

Plus ladies, we are giving away one coat! See the end of this post for details. xoxo

How To Wear a Cardigan Three Ways

How to style a cardigan three ways, The Best Cozy Cardigan, Gray Cozy Cardigan, How to Style a Cardigan
This one cozy cardigan has been an absolute favorite this season.  It's like a warm blanket, but stylish and wearable day to night. I love sharing how to wear items in different ways and below are three ways that I've worn it the past month. Getting frequent wear out of my favorite items is a must have for my closet.  Plus the cardigan is a steal!

The Three Sweaters You Need for Fall

How to style a fall sweater, best sweater for fall beige long sweater dress
I'm a sweater hoarder. I love a good sweater and I'm ALWAYS cold in the fall and winter. These are my favorites I've worn the past few weeks and I thought instead of one outfit - why not share the easiest outfit of all.  The same jeans (pretty much) and three great sweaters you'll wear all season long.

AND when you scroll to the bottom, I've joined in on an easy giveaway to win a free Cannon camera, Kate Spade Handbag and scarf!
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