Monday - Inspired by Yellow

With the beautiful weather we had this weekend I felt inspired by the color of yellow. With the trend of bold colors in clothing and interiors, I found myself loving the bright yellow color I was seeing.  I used to feel like yellow washed me out, but this lemon fresh color of the season is a complimentary color to anyone's skin tone.  I love everything glamorous and some of the images below show the glamorous side of the color.

If your afraid of color, yellow looks great in separates paired with neutrals or just in pops of accessories like a clutch or headband. My favorite color combination is yellow and navy, it looks fresh, preppy, pretty, and feminine.

Touches of yellow also brighten up your interiors.  From throw pillows, to curtains or wallpaper, you can't help smiling when you see the pretty pops of yellow.

 Summer Thornton Design (love her!  she did our living/dining room)

Images from pinterest

What I am wanting for myself!



Perfectly paired with this navy blazer. 

Happy Monday.  Let me know what you think about yellow!

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  1. Great Post.. I too love Yellow this season!!!


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