Thursday: What To Wear For Memorial Day Weekend!

I was inspired by Tibi's top office picks of what to wear this weekend as well as my previous employer, Tommy Hilfiger.  Red, white and navy always reminds me of working at Tommy.  I love the current spring/summer campaign and miss NYC and my Tommy friends!

We are heading to Lake Geneva with friends on Friday, so into my closet I went and here a couple of images of what I may bring.

My little Louis on my traveling Louis.  Just had to show a picture of him.

What are you favorite red, white, and navy pieces?  


  1. I love the outfits you picked out.
    Looking at them makes me want to go shopping so I can buy some cuter clothes.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. enjoying your blog! i follow your sister and love both of your styles!
    question: loving the bathing suit -who is the red bikini? and the two tops in the photo?

  3. @Francis, hoping this reply works, but the bathing suit is from victoria's secret and one top is from nanette lepore and the other is from marc by marc jacobs. I'll do a posting of red, white and blue items I'm loving right now. Thanks!!

  4. @Frances
    Finally figured out how to reply! Bathing suit is from victoria's secret, striped top with flower is from nanette lepore and ruffled top is from marc by marc jacbos. I'l do a posting of some cute stuff this week, thanks for following! Will surely improve images and writing as I continue :) xx

  5. @chibi

    Thank you! I'm traveling in the next couple of weeks so I am hoping to pick up some new cute stuff too. Especially now that its warmer! xx


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