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What I Am Wearing
Christian Louboutin

Top 3 things I love in my wardrobe: sequins, skinny jeans, and Louboutins and this outfit has it all!  I recently purchased the best deal off Refinery 29 where I got $300 in value at Rag and Bone for $150.  These cobalt skinny jeans were one of my great purchases and I love the fit and color.  I have been in the search of the perfect colored jeans and when I received them at home I was excited that I loved them more in person than the online pic.  Most of the looks I've seen with colored jeans are with casual white tees or button downs, but I dressed up my look with my favorite sequin top from Gryphon.  

I got my sequin top from Gryphon last year, but Singer 22 has a similar top right now in black.  A great option at a more affordable price point is this Express top for only $49.90.

Tees by Express at ShopStyle
Express Sequin Tee in Black and Gold 

If you are in search of colored denim, I would truly recommend trying on these Rag and Bone skinny  jeans.  J Brand, Zara, and Forever 21 are offering colored denim right now, but the fit on the Rag and Bone are the best.  Priced at $165 it's a little bit cheaper than the J Brand ones.  I tried the Zara and Forever 21 ones but they didn't fit well and the colors offered weren't saturated well.

Rag and Bone Skinny Jeans

I wear my silver Louboutins often and I could not find the same pair online, but here are affordable Chinese Laundry pumps that would give you the same look.

Chinese Laundry for $69

In searching for silver pumps, I also love these Jimmy Choos at Bluefly as well as these Christian Dior ones.  

Hope you enjoyed my post!  I have been researching and playing around with my images and finally got what I wanted on my post.  My sister (http://www.iamstyle-ish.com/) makes blogging look so easy but it is definitely more work than it seems.  It's taken me all day to put this post together, with working on photoshop, researching and just plain hit and miss with working on blogger, I hope it gets easier :).  Please let me know what you think.

Also would love for my readers to share my blog with their friends and if you are blogger yourself, feel free to leave your comments and your blog and I'll check it out.  Also feel free to email me your tips on how to grow your blog readers at jen@redsolesandredwine.com!    

Hopefully by this week too, my overall blog look will be updated.  I have Joy from How Joyful Design updating my design.  


  1. Your seriously working it with those blue jeans, sequins and louboutins! I love it! Found you via IFB, following you! :)

  2. Wow you look fantastic! Coloured jeans and a sequined top, you really pull it off well!

  3. Dear, I love your blog :) so chic !

    I am a new follower, here is my blog:


  4. omg, I bought the EXACT same jeans and wore them yesterday! haha! I find that the rag and bone ones definitely are the best fit. I love them!

    Good job on the pictures and everything, it looks great!

    1. Do the Rag & Bone Skinnys keep their shape? I always buy Citizens for the fit, but they stretch out like crazy.

  5. very nice outfit! perfect for this season!


  6. Looking fabulous. Love the hair!


  7. I love your blog! Thanks for putting so much time and effort into it.

  8. I am also loving your blog! I found your blog through your sister's blog, and now both of you are on my daily list of blogs to read.

  9. i love colored denims...red was my first and now i'm looking for green! these electric blue ones are fabulous!


  10. The perfect outfit for a night out; simple but still interesting :) I love the color of the jeans. They're saturated but they don't hurt your eyes :D

    Castle Fashion

  11. Just found your link on IFB regarding follow my blog and I'll follow back? So what do you think shall we follow each other? LOL..just kidding! Love these cobalt blue skinny pants, I'd never think to pair it with a sequins top but you make the look cohesive with the silver Louboutins! Trying to decide for my 3rd louboutin, printed or a metallic? decisions decisions :)

  12. So cute and inspiring. I especially love the jeans. Cute blog!!

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