Taiwan- Part 2 and Casual Purple Lookbook

We spent some time earlier in Lugang visiting my grandfather and my uncle and aunt.  It has been extremely hot and humid so we've been trying to keep cool everyday.  On this particular day, I chose my denim shorts and purple ruffled silk halter top.  Our hotel was pretty modern and had this interesting brick like windows in the landscaping so we took a few lookbook shots.

Top:  Unfortunately I cut out the tag of the top so I don't remember who its from! 
Denim shorts: Forever 21
Earrings:  Stella & Dot
Shoes:  Chanel
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

This is my grandfather's house, he designed the house and was inspired by American homes.  I learned about his talent of art, drawing and designing homes during our trip.   His home is amazing and unlike most in Taiwan.   

Carved out of one piece of stone

My siblings and my grandfather

I love this tree in my grandfather's yard, underneath is a sitting area

Where to find my look:

Love this top and Parker offers it in different prints, when I get back I think I'll have to purchase one from Shopbop

Only $16.90

Denim shorts are a must have in the summer time.  They are easy to dress up or down based on the selection of top and shoes.  Dress up your shorts with a sexy top and a pair of wedges or wear them to the beach with a flowy tunic and sandals.  There are a ton of name brand denim shorts, but these Forever 21 shorts are just as comfy, I love the distressing, and the price is only $16.90!  

Still traveling!  More postings to come. 


  1. I love ruffles and you look amazing.. Loving the house especially that Buddha.. One stone? Awesome craftsmanship!

    All the best, Angel

  2. Cute ruffled shirt! I also like the flowered sandals. Taiwan looks beautiful!


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