Burgerfest and Floral Lookbook

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This weekend was full of festivities and hot weather.  Being my first summer in Chicago, my husband and I are exploring the city each weekend and enjoying this beautiful weather.  I had a pretty tough time loving the winter weather in Chicago, but it certainly makes everyone head out during the spring/summer season!  On Saturday, we ventured to Roscoe Village for the Burgerfest streetfair.  The toughest decision was trying to decide which vendors to order from.  My husband and I shared a couple of burgers and sliders with the Select Cut Style burger being our favorite.  We haven't explored all the burger joints in Chicago, but my all time favorites are in New York, Minetta Tavern and Shake Shack.

If you are visiting Chicago, definitely check out a fun street fair, it is amazing how many go on during the summer and a calendar is easy to find online.  It's a great way to enjoy and support local neighborhoods and eat some delicious food.

In trying to stay cool during this heated summer, dresses are my essential go to.  Floral dresses always brighten up the day and especially in a lightweight fabric such as chiffon.  I purchased this dress from Forever 21 and it was probably less than $24.  The ruffles and floral print give the dress nice details and I loved the color.  My shoes are Christian Louboutin's, bag is from Louis Vuitton, and jewelry is my own. Shopping in Forever 21 takes patience but so worth it when you find great pieces for a reasonable price. My favorite time to shop there is when it first opens in the morning, there are typically no crowds and it is organized!  Try it, you'll never go back any other time.

Happy Summer!


  1. lovely large print florals! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!


  2. Lovely dress. You can never go wrong with yellow this season. I like how you coordinated it with the pink wedges.

    Thanks for the Forever 21 shopping tip :)


  3. Wow sooo cute! I can't believe that dress is F21! I really love how you're mixing up high and low end items :)

    You hair is sooo gorgeous by the way!

  4. Summer in Chicago is the best! You're making me crave Shake Shack. I might have to grab one this weekend!


  5. i luv your sunglasses! looking for some nice 'big' ones to cover my much as possible ( to avoid brown spots)=). who are they by?
    btw, loving your blog!

  6. @ Francoise, my sunglasses are Marc by Marc Jacobs! If you email me I can email you some options, let me know your budget.

    Thanks for all the great comments!

  7. Hey I love this summery look! You nailed it. I was in Chicago last last weekend and I didn't get a chance to check out this fun street fair. Darn.
    Another excuse to go there again! I love Chicago btw. One of the places I like the most! You are lucky you stay there! ;)

  8. Love the look and, of course, you can never go wrong with a bit of CL, right?

  9. Thanks for your lovely comment honey!This is a great example of floral dress!You look adorable and you've styled it in a perfect way!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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