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Many of you have asked me about my makeup brand and colors and today I'm sharing my top 7 favorite must haves!  I use these products everyday and it's really only 5 steps to getting the same makeup look.




1.  Nars Powder Foundation, Tahoe
2.  Nars Bronzer, Laguna
3.  Nars Blush, Deep Throat
4.  Nars Eyeshadow Set, Cordura
5.  NYX Lipstick, Louisiana LSS 634
6.  NYX Lipstick, Doll LSS 635
7.  NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss, Perfect Red

I love Nars and have been using them for years.  Every season or so, I go into Saks to get an updated makeover and choose the colors I love.  My top 4 favorite Nars items that work season to season and used daily are listed above.  The eyeshadow is a great staple and gives a great smoky eye for the nighttime.  Introduced to me by my sister were the NYX lip products.  I've tried a billion lip items but I love NYX!! Non-drying, moist, fantastic colors, great texture and PRICE, nothing is better.  The lipsticks are around $3 and glosses at $5; I'm tempted to buy almost every color.  My next step is to try some of their makeup items since I love their lipsticks.

My 5 quick steps on my daily makeup routine:

Step 1.  Oil of Olay daily facial moisturizer SPF 15
I love this moisturizer, it's light, non greasy and inexpensive.  I've tried all different brands and this was my favorite.  Remember to put SPF on everyday, it will save you from wrinkles later!

Step 2.  Nars Powder Foundation works perfectly for everyday.  I don't need to apply a liquid foundation and then a powder; the two in one is the perfect coverage for me.

Step 3.  I'm a big bronzer girl and Laguna Nars Bronzer  works on all skin colors.  It's well known for being the best bronzer all year around and their bestseller.  Not too dark and a slight shimmer gives you a warm glow

Step 4.  Nars most popular blush is Orgasm, which I also have, but Deep Throat (funny name huh?) is the absolute best color on me.  Bright pink and fun.   Nars offers the best of all three, within one compact here; it includes Laguna Bronzer, Orgasm Blush and Albatross Highlighter.

Step 5.  Apply a bright lipstick (my favorite NYX :)

For my daily routine, there's no need for eye makeup or mascara because I have eyelash extensions.  If you haven't read my post yet, here is my review/love of the extensions!

Hope you enjoyed my favorites!  My next beauty goal is to try different eyeshadows and venture down the colored nail polish route :).

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  1. Love Nars! And love your different make up looks! Thanks for sharing your product list.


  2. Thank you for sharing that!I will try Laguna Bronzer,cannot find any good bronzer for myself xxx

  3. I love your make up ! So cute.

  4. Your makeup always looks flawless. I'm glad you sharing the products you use.Love the pink lips so am def trying NYX lip balm


  5. NYX Perfect Red looks stunning on you~! And I love your hair in pic #5~ Very pretty~

  6. thank you so much for the comment on my blog:)

    you have such a good blog & a beautiful style.
    i'm your new follower:)


  7. Jen, I am so glad that you did this post as I mentioned before that I like your make up. Yay! Your make up routine is so easy! ;)

    Love those NYX lip color! Will have to check out ULTA later after work.


  8. Great tips! Thank you!


  9. Love Nars Laguna Bronzer! It's my staple!


  10. NARS seriously makes THE BEST stuff! I'm obsessed with the blushes and even though I use it almost every day, I am just now reaching the bottom of the center on my Orgasm color (after almost 2 years). Quality stuff! I also love their eye-shadows. Never tried their foundation nor the NYX stuff, but I'm definitely tempted now! Esp. for #5!

    xx Vivian @

  11. LOVE Laguna! You should wear pink lips all the time! It suits you well.

  12. Lovely ♥
    finally a NYX store opened up here in Vancouver over the weekend and I just can't wait to go check it out!!

  13. Hey Jen, looks like we share a love for Nars. They are the only blushes and bronzers that I use. Best products to get you glowing quick! Thanks for the post :)

  14. I'm a HUGE Nars fan like you! They're pressed powder, primer and stick concealers are a must for me!


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