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Jennifer Hope Dress  |  Miu Miu Heels  |  Forever 21 Clutch  |  Vintage Necklace  |  
My own bracelets/earrings  |

Navy has been a topic of the blogging world with navy replacing black.  Although I love navy I don't think navy will every replace black, I mean what's better than slipping on a black dress or black pants to feel and look thinner during those bloated days!  Well, I found a silhouette in a brighter navy color, which is not only comfortable for those bloated days, but also sexy and fun.  Short, bell sleeves, elastic in all the right places, and off the shoulder, this dress was a recent purchase from Big Drop in NY and I've already worn it several times going out (of course with different sets of peeps).  The one thing I did do, which some find a fashion faux pas, is mixing my black clutch with my navy dress.  I like to break the rules, I think black with navy, black and brown, and gold and silver are ok to mix as long your doing it in the accessories and not on the body as an outfit.  Make it your own and as long as your confident with your style choices, that is all people see.  

Are you ready for the weekend?  What do you think of navy vs. black?

P.S.  For those commenting on my legs :) I am lucky, the only place I don't really gain weight and I do dress to accent my better parts.  I am 5'5" I wear heels ALL the time, most people think I'm taller and it makes your legs even longer!


  1. First of all I should say you look absolutely gorgeous and I love your blog :) Just bookmarked it :)

    About navy vs. black. Well... navy is beautiful and stylish! it's a gorgeous color indeed but I don't think anything will replace black... ever! :)

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :)


  2. I love love your blue dress, he looks lovely on your skin and the heels are very nice too

  3. love this shade of blue on you! looks soo beautiful!
    your heels are absolutely lovely with it!

  4. I am absolutely loving this royal blue!! I have a fab dress in this exact color. O and p.s. Your legs are to die for! That's what I tend to "accent" too :)

  5. You're 5'5" - well you still tower over me then :P This is such a sexy but elegant look. Another one for me to remember to "pin".

  6. dang girl you have some awesome legs! what do you do when you work out? that dress is gorgeous on you and i love the bright red lip

  7. Oh Jen your hair always looks perfect! I adore this look, I like the combination of navy and bronze/gold sandals.

    You should do a hair tutorial for some of us who lack hair skills:)


  8. Dress looks so good on you! And the hair is gorgeous!

    Thanks for your kind comment (:
    Come see me again, I have something new for you!
    xx Brigita

  9. This is such a gorgeous look, you look fantastic in such a bright blue! xo

  10. Hey I love the color of the dress...I couldn't believe the clutch is from F21. How could I miss this item from the store....

    I am quite ready for the weekend already... Friday night will be all about party!!! ;)

    Happy Thursday.

  11. pretty! I love that dress on you Jen!

  12. this dress is gorgeous and i love your hair and red lips!


  13. I'm so in love with your gorgeous dress!!! WOW..truly stunning.

    You look amazing lady.

    <3 Marina

  14. My Favourite outfit from you, looking so stylish and glamorous LOVE IT!!! I love navy but also dont think it will ever replace BLACK, as black suits everyone, and is so flattering.
    Your hair and make up are fabulous also <3

  15. Thank you so much! I've started it half year ago:)
    You look gorgeous! Love the blue dress

  16. You have gorgeous legs! I LOVE that dress with the off shouder and the shape of it! You look great as always!

    xx Vivian @

  17. I am a new follower! glad I discovered your blog!! This is such a great outfit!!! such a perfect blue dress! :)

  18. Love this look so much! This dress looks amazing on you! And I love Navy but I still love Black. I don't think Navy could ever truly replace black.

    <3 Kelly

  19. I love this dress...the color, the style, and the length. Amazing!


  20. this blue dress looks perfect on you!

  21. Your photos are always such an amazing PERFECTION,I have to say this outfit really suite your characters!!so tender,so delicate,with the most charming smiles....

  22. omgosh LOVE!! the bright cobalt blue is STUNNING on you!! love the draping of the dress and all the gold accents!


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