Vacation - Atlantis

If you follow me on instagram (@redsolesandredwine) or twitter, you got a glimpse of my past week.  It was my first real vacation in a while, without our little Grant, and it made me truly relax and appreciate all things great in my life.  My husband was awarded this trip through his company due to his fantastic year; he has been an incredible support and I'm so proud of all his hard work.  He definitely deserved the trip and I was excited to accompany him!

We stayed at the Cove Atlantis, beautiful beaches, pools and one of our favorite parts was the water park open to all hotel guests.

Lazy river tubing - I think we did this 5 times

Cove Pool - me sans make up

Turquoise waters of the bahamas

Outfit #1 dinner:  alice + olivia dress (similar on sale)  |  Miu Miu Sandals  |  t+j Designs pave bracelets

Outfit #2 dinner:  Parker dress (also here; now on sale) last time worn here

His company provided nice dinners and also a few private concerts.  Bruno Mars was one of the main events.  Not only do I love his songs, but he was beyond excellent in person!  He is a tiny guy, but that voice is pretty amazing.  

More pictures to come. .  . 

Beyond missed my little guy but sleeping in, laying out, getting a tan and not working was a dream.

Catching up starts today.


  1. Looks like an awesome and fun vacation!! Congrats to your hubby for all his hard work! :) I have never been to Atlantis but based from your pics, it looks relaxing!

    xo - Sheila

    P.S. Wow, Bruno Mars is tiny!!

  2. It looks amazing! Love your green dress :)

  3. Wow, amazing pictures and it sounds like you had a really great time!

  4. wow gorgeous location, gorgeous photos, and you look amazing!!

  5. You look terrific and the resort is gorgeous! I love Bruno Mars' song "Just the way you are", how exciting that you got a private concert! Glad you were able to get away for a bit and enjoy your hubby to yourself!

  6. Beautiful photos! I hope to visit Atlantis one day, it's on my bucket list.

  7. Super jealous! I've always wanted to go there, looks like you had an amazing time! Congrats to your H for winning the trip from work.

    P.S. LOOOVE that green Alice & Olivia dress!

  8. That vacation looks incredible! You looked beautiful in that green dress. These photos make me want to go to the beach.

  9. whaaat one amazing trip!! wooow!! and Bruno Mars performed too....awesome!!
    great photos! so glad you got some R&R!


  10. Aw, I've always wanted to go to the Atlantic resort. Looks dreamy!

  11. looks like an amazing place - hope you guys had a great time! xo

  12. This looks like SO much fun! I love that green dress.
    xo Josie

  13. Wow! Thanks for sharing these fabulous vacay shots Jen. You look great sans makeup too & I love that green dress!!


  14. Hi Jen! I love these photos! They're amazing! River tubing looks so fun. Your outfits are so pretty. I also want to see Bruno Mars too!

    xo Jo

  15. Gorgeous pics, and I love the green dress! :)

  16. LOOKS so lovely!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:


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