Cheerleader Lookbook

Top:  Forever 21
Skirt:  Topshop
Shoes:  Christian Louboutin
Bag:  Zara
Watch:  Rolex

This outfit reminded me of my cheerleading days in high school; I was a bit excited when I saw the initialed sweater.  I know it was by accident that we have the same initials, but I had been wanting a monogrammed sweater.  And my search for an oxblood item came to a halt when I saw this adorable skirt.  Temperatures are starting to get a bit cooler here and I'm hoping fall weather stays as long as possible.  I'm not ready for the snow, super cold, and wearing my puffer again.

My sister and I have been designing a pave collection for months and as our items come in we've been putting them on our site.  For a limited time only, we've specially priced some of our favorite pave pieces.  These prices are a steal for these beauties!  And check out our new pave link bracelet (wearing below) for preorder here.  Been wearing these everyday.  

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An additional tip - people are loving my booties from my previous leather post here; I just got an email yesterday and if you use the code "25CUSP" you will receive 25% off (until October 17th).


  1. This is such a fun look! I love the skirt!! xo, Christina

  2. That sweater is so cute, and love your pretty!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. you look great, love this style! the skirt is very stylish! xoxo

  4. That sweater is BRILLIANT. I love it with the full skirt!
    xo Josie

  5. You're sooooo rocking that look Jen....I'm looking at your collection (esp. the ones on sale) & loving every bit of it!!


  6. Love this look and I love your arm bling!

  7. You look gorgeous Jen!! Love your burgundy skirt with the slingback heels. And of course I'm in love with your and your sister's jewelry line. :)

    Ooo thanks for the coupon code! I loved those booties!! ^_^

    xo - Sheila

  8. ohmygoodness i love your skirt! and i see this as a very elegant cheerleader look a bit!

    gunna go find out about your brothers corgi app

    <3 katherine

  9. So pretty! I LOVE your skirt and heels! Just amazing )

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  10. Love this style on you!

    xo, Emily

  11. You look so pretty! The look is great!


  12. Hey Jen, the first thing I noticed were the initials too! Love this look and you look super tall in this skirt.

    xo Jo

  13. Wow!Amazing look!
    Love the skirt and the heels!

  14. gorgeous!! i love the accessories but i LOVEEEEE the outfit!!

  15. This outfit is gorgeous! You look so chic! I love the new jewelry pieces!

  16. I'm in love with your skirt! Love the color and the shape is just perfect! Lovely look.


  17. You are the cutest and most stylish cheerleader EVER! LOVE the leopard detail on your bag - you look fab!

    Pearls & Paws

  18. Very pretty outfit Jen! That is awesome that you were a cheerleader! I love your purse. So cute!

  19. LOVVVEE that sweater and bag!! Can't wait to check out the jewelry collection!? Omg, I need a pave bracelet

  20. Beautiful look. I love the combo of dark burgundy colour and leopard print



  21. Your pave bracelets are adorable!! I also LOVE those shoes! :) I'm having a color challenge linkup on my blog next week - and this outfit would be perfect if you wanted to join!

  22. You look so gorgeous. I love your skirt, the color and fit are perfect.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  23. This outfit is so adorable dear,the idea of monogrammed sweater is so cool, and I realy love both the shape and the colour of your skirt.

  24. I love the skirt! Oxblood is so trendy this year, but most of us already have it in our closet. I am so jealous of your amazing legs and I love the monogrammed sweater. So posh!

  25. Love the color and shape of your skirt! Navy blue is the perfect color to go with it!

  26. Ooh la la, Jen!! I love this look. I'm especially in love with that skirt.. the color and shape is amazing.. and you look amazing! How have you been? Sorry, I've not been by for a while, but when I do come by, you never fail to look incredible. Hope you've been well, my dear.

    Swing by to enter to win a gorgeous metal collar bib necklace by LAB!

    xx Love & Aloha

  27. That skirt is adorable- so fun! Loving the print, are jewelry amazing, from where can i get these?,i will definitely buy them.
    Current Fashion Trends

  28. I love this outfit! Especially the skirk, was my school color. Were you a cheerleader? Now you just need some shoes like these Kapea's. Ha! Great photo!


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