Double Slit Lookbook

Coat:  June (similar)
Top:  Chelsea Flowers (on sale and additional 50% off!)
Skirt:  BCBG
Shoes:  Miu Miu (budget version!)
Purse:  Zara

It has cooled down and we've been enjoying easy, breezy fall days.  As you can see, the wind sometimes makes it difficult to get my hair to stay in place.  Although I love my hair, it gets dry in this weather and lately my little one loves to pull it out in clumps.  I've been thinking of doing something different with my hair, but can't decide what.  Any ideas, let me know? 

I recently found this skirt and love the double slits - if I buy anything black I like it to have special details.  Wore this outfit to a recent party, but it is also great with a chunky sweater (I'm in the search for a perfect one).  Paired with some cute tights and booties it will easily transition into the colder weather well.

Hope you had a great weekend.  Any new items you've added into your closet?

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  1. There you go showing off those fantastic legs again. Love the slit. Sexy indeed.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  2. Oh wow.. I won!! I was just going to comment on your post until I read the bottom and wondered why I saw my name.. *jumping for joy*

    I just e-mailed me you. Thank you! :)

    And you look beautiful with the sexy slits on your skirt. Amazing legs you have there!

    xo - Sheila

  3. You're soo lovely in that outfit & the windblown look just nailed it!!


  4. you have the most beautiful hair! i know a lot of friends who cut it short because of their babies, but i hope you keep it long! that skirt is super hot on you! and i totally regret not getting the tribal clutch /= must love it through you instead!

  5. Hey Jen, love your skirt! We're actually wearing the same colors today. Have you tried having bangs? I think that's different for a change and congrats to Sheila!

    xo Jo

  6. You seriously look gorgeous!! I love the royal blue and the leather!

  7. Miss Jen-you are beyond gorgeous in this outfit! Love the skirt on you-fabulous as usual!


    Erin @

  8. whewwww! go on hot stuff! love these photos jenn! That's a great skirt and you know i love those shoes. you have great hair! i can understand that you want something different. we all go through that. you'll make the best decision for you. :)

  9. I adore this skirt! I agree with your request that black clothing items have special detailing and that skirt looks fantastic. I bet it will look really cozy with the chunky sweater you are looking for! Terrific outfit!

  10. These pictures look like they're straight out of Vogue! That skirt was made for you, so pretty!!

    Xo, Rachel

  11. Jen, you are so glamorous, and this look is so dramatic. I. Love.
    xo Josie

  12. Hello Dear, this skirt has an interesting cut indeed, I really like it that you paired it with this shade of kobalt blue, you look so chic, and your shoes are just beayond beautiful.

  13. the kobalt/electric blue tone is just perfectly matched with a touch of black, the outfit is just dramatically beautiful<3
    The Photographic Sense-

  14. You look amazing!! The skirt is really something and I love the black and cobalt color combo! xo, Christina

  15. love love the pop of blue in your shoes to match with your top..and the lil blue accent on the purse! Are you shredding like crazy yet? I think when K was around 6M I shred so much!!!! I love your long hair so I dont know what I would suggest, what about adding more layers and cut it couple inches shorter?

  16. Those slits, those legs and those shoes! AHHHHHH---MAZING honey! I love each of those photos but the last one was my favorite of the details of the slits and those fabulous Miu Mius! Does your hubby take your photos? He doesnt an amazing job!

  17. LOVE your heels, maxi and sparkly clutch! So perfect!


  18. Um, hello fabulous shoes!! Jen, you look radiant!

  19. Wow, loving the electric blue colours in the top and shoes..very nice.

    Feel free to check out my blogs and support me? Would mean a lot :)

    Jenny xoxo

  20. Such a beautiful color on you! Royal blue is one of my all time favorites!

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