Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mixed Prints Lookbook

Coat:  Zara
Dress:  Warehouse
Shoes:  Jimmy Choo (budget similar great price)
Bag:  Chanel (old)
Bracelet:  Hermes
t+j Designs jewelry:  Pave Necklace and Bracelet Set  (deal on set or purchase separately)

So many of my fashion favorites this season are in this look; leopard, a touch of red, pave crystal details, pieced details, and a fluted hem.  Been in the search for a fluted skirt and happened upon this dress; love the fit and price.

What are your favorite fall trends so far?

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  1. That dress is perfection, Jen! And of course I absolutely adore that bag.
    xo Josie

  2. You look amazing. Coat and dress--totally coveting!

  3. you look so classy, love the coat and the bag! perfect match! xoxo

  4. Love the leopard! You look great!

  5. look at how tanned and toned you are..can we please trade? (i wanna put a million exclamation marks here) i love this dress on you, the bottom detail is my favorite part. the animal print is perfection as well. i think my favorite fall trend right now is the maroon/burgundy/oxford color (=

  6. That dress is so pretty! The details make it hug the curves in all the right ways.

    xo, alison*elle

  7. I entered the giveaway! And I liked both FB pages!! Love that coat! And the color of your bag is perfect!

  8. i saw that coat at zara last week and now i think i may have to get it because it looks so cute on you!!

    Fancy {No}Pants Blog
    Fancy {No}Pants Twitter

  9. love the mixing of prints Jen! it looks so good! that strap on that Chanel kills me each and every time. exquisite!

  10. I have never been so jealous of anyone's hair in my life, your's is fabulous!

  11. I entered! Your blog is fantastic! I love Chicago, I am living in Washington right now and it would be a dream come true to move over there. I'm following you, follow back?

    xoxo Sarah Beth

    Caring Cowls

  12. What a fun coat...I totally thought it was a dress at first!

    The Glossy Life

  13. Adore the dress and bag. I'm loving leather for fall. xA

  14. oh my GAH....serious?! you look phenomenal!! LOVE!


  15. I'm at a loss for look so perfect! I thought that was coat was a dress & craving that Chanel!!!


  16. My favorite combo with leopard is red, and I love the dress that was under that jacket! Too cute

    Xo, Rachel

  17. You have the best purses, dresses and jewelry line!!!! I think I told you this already but guys are pretty famous!! ;)

  18. As always - you look gorgeous Jen! Love this dress by Warehouse...the lines and details are perfect.
    And yes...I do get people telling me that I "need" to stop wearing heels because I could fall while pregnant. I then have to explain to them that I have the ability to run in my heels probably better than they could run in their crocs. hehe :)
    Enjoy your day friend!
    XO - Marion

  19. Hi Jen! Thanks for commenting on my blog... looks like we have the same taste! I just sketched this fabulous leopard jacket as part of my fall wishlist!
    ~Joanna <3

  20. You look gorgeous Jen! LOVE that jacket and the dress is amazing on you. Seriously, I can't believe you had a baby! And I agree, so many things I love are in season this fall!

    **Style of Sam**

  21. Your look is amazing from head to toe, but I LOVE that Chanel bag! Thanks also for your comments on my blog. I am now following yours on Facebook and Bloglovin ;)


  22. Wow, your bag and coat are phenomenal! Thanks for putting on this awesome giveaway, I love everything from t+j designs, but my favorite right now is the pave chain link bracelets. If you ever need a willing model, let me know! haha


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