Sweet & Tough

Mixing in my fall camo jacket with my summer polka dot denim.  This jacket has proven to be an easy wear and I like to mix it up with more girly items.  

Jacket:  Zara
Sweater:  J. Crew
Purse:  c/o Coach
t+j Designs Jewelry:  Four Layer Crystal Necklace  |
Love Beads to launch next week

Back to Chicago with a cold that I caught from my son.  I was a bit under the weather for a couple of days but feeling better now.  Thank you all for your lovely comments from the last post.  Means a lot and keeps me motivated.  There are days/weeks where taking a photo and writing the post seems to take me longer than usual.  Trying to balance it all seems to overwhelm me sometimes. The nice comments are much appreciated!

My sister and I are excited to start Fab Fifties for t+j Designs.  You'll see a special deal every Friday - Sunday featuring an item from our store for 50% off!  This weekend, this fabulous necklace I wore below (comes in silver or gold) is 50% off. Use code FABFRIDAY, get the deal here.  Keep up with our specials deals and new arrivals by signing up for our emails here and/or liking our Facebook page.


  1. Kids are the best way to get sick (lol). Hope you feel better soon.

    What a great combo - tough and sweet. I'll have to remember this.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  2. I love the mix of patterns! Great bag too! Glad you're feeling better!

  3. what a great mix, love the jacket!! get better soon and good luck with the project! xo

  4. Oh I love this look and especially the pants!! You look amazing! xo, Christina


  5. I really like mix of camo and polka dots!!
    and yaay for t+j promos!!!

  6. Would never know you have a cold! You look fabulous and I LOVE those dot jeans on you Jen! And glad to see pics of little dapper Grant! Hope you feel better this weekend!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  7. LOVE that camo jacket! I think that is my fave item for fall!

  8. That blazer is killer! Xo Inna


  9. Such a beautifully styled look!!! I like it so much! Big fan of your style!

    Please, follow my blog on Bloglovin and Facebook, if you like it. I can do the same for you, just let me know in my comments ;)

    Have a fabulous day!

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  10. You look fabulous, Jen! I love, LOVE those pants and that pretty pink sweater.
    xo Josie

  11. Fun combo...camo and dots, who would have thought? :)

  12. Absolutely gorgeous, I love the pants!

    Sparkles and Shoes

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