Silver Manolo Blahnik vs Save Options

Manolo         |         #1 (on sale!)   
#2 (take 25% off with code LOVEJCREW)

Let's talk shoes!  I've been obsessed with the Manolo BB silver pumps but decided not to spend the price tag for those beauties for something more affordable and still look great.  I like to recommend shoes that I really would buy or wear; the leather, construction, fit, and comfort still need to be great for my save options.  My #1 save option is the one I got (seriously for $99 ) but I also have tried on the #2 option and they were lovely too.   Hoping to get my version next week and I'll let you know how comfy they are.  

Happy Friday and weekend. I"ll announce the winners to the giveaway on Monday.


  1. Lovely shoe! I can't do a pointy toe so I will just have to admire these shoes from your blog post ;-)


  2. I was eyeing the silver Miri pumps from J. Crew in addition to the Everlys you mentioned.

  3. Your choice is super, super cute -- what a pretty look!
    xo Josie

  4. Love the silver metallic!
    Thanks for the splurge and save options!


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