June Leather Jacket (budget similar)
Chanel Bag

I haven't been posting as much with the temperatures here being so erratic.  We actually saw some snowflakes Saturday.  I'm dying for better weather and seriously it is April!  Those random days where we get some sun, I pull out my dresses to wear.  This Naven dress is one of my favorites and since purchasing this one, I've gotten others.  I love the colors and styles they design and find them easy to dress up or down.  I just purchased this one in neon yellow and pre-ordered this maxi dress (available in black here).  I'm crossing my fingers warmer temps arrive soon so I can feel like spring has arrived.

*For those that ask me about sizing, Naven runs small, so although I typically wear a XS or S in items I wear a medium in this dress.  


  1. perfect dress!

  2. such an amazing dress! goes perfectly with that necklace :)

  3. We were struggling with the weather too, winter has been far too long and only this weekend we finally got spring temperatures and sunshine!

    You look fabulous!

    Lady of Style

  4. I love Naven! They make the best bright dresses -- yours is suuuuper cute.
    xo Josie

  5. It's starting to get that way over unpredictable!
    Loving the fuchsia on you though!


  6. Beautiful look! I love the dress, such a nice pop of color! xo, Christina

  7. I did myself a favor and slept through Saturday's snowflakes. Settle down, weather! Love the necklace.

  8. great look!

    Jessica Moazami (aka Fashion Junkie)


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