Sugar Sweet Stripe

Dress from China (similar here, here, recently purchased this one
Celine Bag (sim here
c/o Escada Sunglasses

I'm back from a week of working like crazy in China on new designs.  The excitement of seeing development samples and new products being delivered always motivates me and with our business growing tremendously I really can't ask for more. 

At our t+j blog we promote interactions with our loyal blogger friend/fan base and this month's link up trend is all about STRIPE STYLE.  I joined in on the fun with this fun stripe dress I got one night in China (bumped into this fab boutique and found so many adorable pieces).  Today's the last day - but link up to our blog with your stripe style to enter to win these fabulous preppy jewelry.  


  1. You are looking so awesome and wearing an attractive colorful dress. I love the anchor bracelet its beautiful.

  2. Love the red, white, and blue. This striped dress is just all sorts of adorable. You look gorgeous!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Love your outfit!

    I like the new bracelets! But be careful 'cause they look like the ones from Kiel James Patrick and I'd hate for t+j to be slapped with a lawsuit.

    1. Thanks - we actually designed them at a factory and we didn't' even know about his bracelets. I've seen them in many places now so it's not just us that loved a rope with an anchor :).

  4. That. Bag. So pretty! So fun with the dress too!

  5. Adorable dress. Love this look!! xo, Julie

  6. You look so cute! Love this look. And that handbag is fabulous!! Love the red colour - so fierce! xo

  7. Love this dress it is so adorable! Especially with the pops of red!

  8. Oh my goodness Jen that dress is sooo cute! I love how you styled it with touches of red.

  9. Uau how pretty look...that dress its wonderful...
    if you want we can follow each ether on facebook page, GCP, twitter and chicissimo....
    just make me know i will follow you right back
    big kiss dear

  10. You look super cute!!! Next time you go to China Im sending you money + my sizes. OMG great pieces

  11. I can imagine all the excitement over the new pieces and the whole process, hope your trip to China was great. Adore this nautical chic look, my favorite all time combo, love how the red completes things beautifully!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  12. Jen. I would kill for your legs. Like, actually. And I love this fun striped dress!
    xo Josie

  13. Definitely great hot summer colors with a bit of a nautical vibe.

    7% Solution​

  14. Honey child lol! You seriously have a gorgeous set of legs and that dress is too cute for words! P.S. Hot red pumps!

  15. are at your adorable best here Jen!!!


  16. I am obsessed with this outfit! That dress is gorgeous and I love how you paired it with that red bag and shoes.


  17. Great look! So cool:)

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  18. That is such a sweet dress! I love the red accents as well. You look great!

  19. absolutely darling! love the bright red against the stripes :)

  20. Such a cute look! In LOVE with that dress! It's too cute!


  21. You look stunning ♥
    I'm your new follower;)
    Hope u would like to visit my blog and follow back as well;)
    Kisses x

  22. This dress is absolutely adorable!

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