Clover Canyon

A bit of crazy details on a fun dress.  I think it was called the Miami Dress with the swimming pools,  cars and tennis courts on the skirt portion, it does remind me of Miami.  

Clover Canyon Dress (sim here and here)
Chanel Clutch
Other bracelets and rings - to launch soon!

This summer has been busier than I expected!  It's great however I am looking forward to a bit of some rest and relaxation soon.  We've got some mini trips lined up which gives me a bit of motivation each month that I'll be having fun rather than working most of the time.  I do miss one big vacation but now with Grant, it's much easier to do little weekend getaways.  

Do you have any big plans lined up?  On my wish list - either a trip somewhere tropical or Italy for a week. .  . maybe in the Fall?


  1. very figure flattering! I'm loving the colors and the print!

  2. What a fun and unique dress! It hugs your body so well. Enjoy your summer, Jen.

  3. Clover Canyon has the most amazing prints, and this one is probably my favorite one that I have seen thus far. The colors are just gorgeous! No summer plans yet, but definitely looking forward to them when they pop up!
    Footprints in the City

  4. Jen, I absolutely love this dress. It looks awesome on you, and the prints are too fabulous!

  5. This dress is so cool. Clover Canyon always has the most interesting pieces!! I love the fit of this one on you. Can't go wrong with a short sleeve dress for summer!!

  6. What a fun dress, and I absolutely adore the clutch.
    xo Josie

  7. I would wear everything. That dress is beautiful.

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