Sequins and MiH Jeans

I'm a sucker for sequins and I do wear it during the day.  Found this fabulous top at Nordstrom Rack and while looking at my new jewelry I thought what a great match to my Deco Luxe Earrings.

I don't typically love up close headshots but I had to show off these beautiful set of earrings for less than $30 (friends and family right now. . . click through for more details).

Alice + Olivia Top (DVF one 50% off)

Still in China working on designs but back soon and can't wait to see my little one and husband. Business trips are hard for me at times, being away from my little guy who changes every day makes me anxious.  It is amazing that I can Skype with him, but nothing is like a little hug and kiss from my cute little boy. 

I will catch up reading blogs, Facebook and comments the minute I get back.  So weird in China you can't get on Facebook, twitter, blogger or any social media.  But you can post pictures on instagram:).

Happy week.


  1. I love this outfit on you and have pinned into onto my pinterest board!

  2. That bright pink is always a fab color on you!

  3. Sequins and pink? yes please! It such a fabulous color on you Jen!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  4. the sequins look almost like lace! perfection.

  5. I'm a sucker for jeans :( MiH is awesome! I love their denim quality!
    And yes, China is by far the weirdest place I have ever been. Love the food and culture tho. Enjoy!

  6. Such a fabulous top! But then again, when are sequins not fab?! Hope your work trip is going well!

    Runway Chef

  7. MIh jeans, i love it .. its looking quite nice with pink top :)

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