Blazer Dress - 28th week bump

It's my birthday this week, another year and more memories made . . .

We celebrated this weekend with a long 4 hour dinner, 14 course tasting menu at L2O.  I love food and being able to celebrate with a decadent meal with my husband and some friends is the best way to toast another year.  As I get older, I have mixed feelings about my birthday.  I definitely appreciate and love my life and my growing family but looking, feeling older and seeing my close ones grow older is scary.  Although age is just a number that number can make me feel old.  The thing I do know and love? The things I've experienced and learned have brought me to where I am now and I wouldn't change a thing.  I'm scared but excited for the unknown.  Having this second baby is scary to me, how will I deal, how will I be as a mom of two, how I will run my business, this blog and be a great wife, mother, and friend?  So far, trying to take it day to day and having loving support in my life has gotten me through it all.  

Thank you for following along with me and helping me through it.  I've got less than 3 months until I have another little boy.  Trying to take it slower as I go through this next holiday season and really enjoy every moment.  The unknown is scary but all I know is life so far has been pretty great.


  1. happy birthday week! i finally went to hot chocolate after you telling me countless times to go! thought of you the whole night, hope you have a very happy birthday surrounded by tons of love! XX.

  2. Happy early Birthday Jen! That blazer dress is amazing! Remember to live in the present. Everything will be okay! Cheers to another happy and fashionable year! Btw, congrats to you and Tiffany for all the fabulous press you're getting on your jewelry line!

    xo Jo

  3. Happy Birthday! You look so amazing!

  4. Great style....this blazer dress is everything!! Have a lovely birthday Jenn!



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