Love & Family

Love and family is everything to me.  I'm extremely close to my family and I miss having them living close to us.  When they came out to Chicago for our t+j Designs holiday party I booked Gina again (who also took photos in this post) for some family photos.  Take a peak into our smiley family. . .

This past weekend was a rough one for me, I was extremely exhausted and had stomach and back pain.  I'm trying to take it slow, enjoy the holidays and do as much as I can with Grant before the new baby is here.  Blogging while pregnant in the last trimester is the hardest for me.  I'm trying to share when I can and thank you for continuing to follow my journey through fashion and life.  Hope your staying warm, it's been freezing in Chicago!

And for those wondering - I have 7 weeks left before my due date, can you believe it?


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