Black and White

Coat:  Burberry  (similar)
Sequin Top:  Nasty Gal
Tank:  Target
Shoes:  Zara (similar)

It started snowing on Tuesday and it's been quite yucky out there.  If your in Chicago I'm sure your feeling stuck inside like I have.  Well, there's something to look forward to next week.  If you love shoes as much as I do, Neiman Marcus is having a fun gathering to preview new Manolos and Louboutins.  I'll be there with some friends and if your interested in meeting up, shop some pretty pumps, and enter to win a pair of shoes RSVP to me at or (and tell them I referred you).  More info below.  

Hope to see you there!


Haute Tee, Leather and Fur

Fur Vest:  Scoop (similar here and faux fur on sale here)
Leather Jacket:  June (similar)
Tee:  Forever 21
Denim:  Rag & Bone
Hat:  Eugenia Kim (50% off here!)
Gloves:  Gifted (On Sale here)

With our cold weather I've been layering up a bit and what I love about my fur vest is that it easily transforms my leather jacket into a cozier piece.  The similar vest here is basically the same one and I would advise stalking it for when it goes on sale!  I think if your looking for a piece of faux fur or fur in your closet it's easy to start off with a fur vest.  They look great layered with so many things (tee, button down, sweater, leather jacket, dress, etc.).

Life's a bit of a whirlwind these days with my son crawling everywhere, my work busier than ever and trying to see friends and have date night once a week; I can't seem to slow down.  My goal this month (or should I say March, did time fly?) is to find balance and relax.  I thought the beginning of the year would be relaxing but as my business increases and my son learning and growing I can't seem to keep up.   How do you find ways to balance yourself?

Hope your having a great week so far.  


Top to Bottom Printed

Trench:  Burberry (similar)
Top & Bottom (borrowed):  Lagi Nadeau 
Clutch:  Chanel (in love with this used Chanel)
Pumps:  Christian Louboutin (similar)
t+j Designs Jewelry:  Three Gem Chain Necklace  |

I was introduced to Lagi last year during the Macy's Incubator fashion show.  She is super talented, beautiful and kind, a definite designer to watch as she continues to grow her business.  She was so kind to lend me this outfit to wear during NYFW however with the storm that happened I didn't wear them (I mean who wants to take the chance of ruining these beautiful silk garments).  I wore these fabulous outfit last week when it was a bit nicer and am completely in love with her print and fabrics.  If you read my NYFW Street Style post  this would have been the statement outfit, head to toe printed.  

Check out Lagi's site here and her beautiful collection. Isn't she talented?

*Do you love neon?  Check out my jewelry line's new neon arrivals.  The little stacked rings I've been wearing are also available now too!  


Jacket:  Zara (similar)
Sweater:  Nasty Gal
Jeans:  Rag & Bone
Shoes:  Zara      Hat:  Asos (similar)
Gloves:  Gifted (similar)
t+j Designs jewelry:  Necklace (20% off here)  |  

I took these photos before I went to NY and with my recaps of NYFW I didn't get to posting them until now.  I recently made my first purchase at Nasty Gal and love my baroque sweater.  Since I have my own business I love reading about small businesses that became a huge success.  If you haven't read about Sophia the founder of Nasty gal, you need to read this article here.  Amazing story of how she started her company and found success through great products and using social media; last year they made $128 million.  Some of the styles are a bit trendier and younger but I love their sweaters and outerwear as well as their reasonable prices.

I'm continuously learning about running my business.  The hardest part is networking and marketing; reading about Sophia's success gives me motivation.  This blog, my readers, my customers, I am so appreciative for it all.  

Guide to NYFW and What to Wear Street Style

After going to NYFW in the winter I found an easy formula to pack as well as fit in with other street style fashions.  If your still looking for winter gear and want to style your wardrobe these items are great additions to look fabulous!

I love these statement coats and would recommend these below.   They are easy to wear and transition well into any wardrobe. If your afraid of prints or color in every day wear you would be surprised how much you will love it in outerwear.  The addition of color or a black and white coat brings your style up a notch.

1    |      2    |     3

Fur was seen everywhere during the shows.  I wore my faux fur hat everyday but I wish I had brought my furry vest or jacket also.  Fur or faux fur brings a luxe feel to the entire outfit.  Any of the coats layered with fur accessories would look fabulous.  Here are some of my favorite faux fur options on sale:

4     |      5      |     6 

A pop of color anywhere makes a bold statement.  If you stick to neutrals in clothing, accessorize with bold colors.  I love my red Celine bag and my t+j Designs jewels: many times they are my standout pieces.  My favorite thing is to double up on color with a statement jacket and a bold bag.  Some great bags I recommend to update color in your life (the first two are affordable and the last one I love and have in leopard).

7     |     8     |     9 
(#9 similar to my Celine but less than half the price)     

If your really want to dress like a style blogger go for mixed prints or full printed garments in color.  I look at these for inspiration but sometimes also think are these "real" outfits I would wear everyday or is it really for photographs?  I do mix polka dots, stripes and florals but thinking this spring I'll experiment a bit more with large florals.  If you want to get photographed, full on printed garments will get you noticed.  These items below are perfect spring street style outfits:

10     |     11     |     12     |     13     |     14     |     15     

I could write a whole post on shoes :) but it is a bit harder as all the great boots out there are already sold out or limited in sizes.  My luxe covet are these boots (waiting for them to go on sale) however I wore these almost the entire weekend due to the storm.  

Did you go to NYFW?  Are these some essentials in your closet?


Pink, Stripes & Dots

Fur vest:  Gifted (similar on sale)
Tee:  H&M (similar)
Skirt:  KTR Collection
Purse & Shoes:  Zara
Gemstone Necklace (use code FEBFAV to get 20% off)  |  

Happy Valentine's Day!  Taking the night off (as I usually work at night since I've got Grant during the day) and my hubby is cooking me dinner.  I'm very lucky that he does all the cooking and is the best chef for Grant and I.   Thank you for everything you do for us (he reads my blog :).  

Hope your celebrating with a loved one or friends tonight.  Cheers.

*If your treating yourself to something special this week, take a look at my sis and I's favorite jewelry picks for 20% off with code FEBFAV here.


NYFW Recap 2

Monique Lhuillier show was amazing, see more coverage here.  

Herve Leger show - super sexy, more coverage here and dying for a black baseball cap now.  
Amazing to see all the technology going on with phones and iPads tweeting, instagramming and sharing.

Alon Livne presentation - the details were outstanding

Street style photographers in progress and my sister found me on Fabsugar's the Best Looks to Hit the Streets at NYFW in this outfit!

What I'm wearing: 
Coat:  Burberry (sim)    |     Blazer:  Zara (sim)
Shirt:  Chelsea Flowers (sim)     |     Bottoms:  Rag & Bone
Booties:  Jimmy Choo (sim)     |     Bag:  Celine
Sunglasses:  Michael Kors     |     Jewelry:  t+j Designs (wearing this necklace)

My second outfit of the day was:

My friend Jessica and I were fashion twins in our furry hats.

And I was featured here in the Huffington Post:

Huffington post photo

What I'm wearing: 
Jacket:  Elizabeth & James  |     Shirt:  Zara (similar)
Bottoms:  Alice + Olivia
Booties:  Jimmy Choo (sim)     |     Bag:  Celine
Sunglasses:  Michael Kors     |     Jewelry:  t+j Designs (wearing this necklace)

I had such an incredible time seeing the shows, meeting new and old friends, and seeing the street style fashions.  Thank you to my husband for watching our little one and understanding my love of fashion!

I definitely overpacked and after my first experience I've got a good idea for the essentials hopefully for my next winter NYFW trip.  Look out for those tips this week!  I hope many of you who hope to go do take the trip next time and enjoy it as much as I do.


NYFW Recap 1

Friday was my first day of NYFW and I got to attend the Rebecca Minkoff fashion show.  It was also the day of the storm and not only was it snowing but super windy.  I brought 6 pairs of shoes and ended up wearing my one pair of booties the entire time.  I've dreamt about going to fashion week since I was a little girl watching the Style channel so I was beyond excited to be there.  Funny things is I lived in NY for a bit over 3 years and worked in fashion but never could be a part of NYFW due to my hours at work.  The whole experience was so much fun, interesting and inspiring.  Street style fashion was amazing and sitting at the show was fabulous.  These type of events motivate me to being a better designer and change up my style a bit.    

I used my iPhone for my pictures as carrying my bag, the camera, and walking in this weather was a bit difficult. 

A fellow blogger Amanda wanted to meet up and she ended up being inside the lobby!  Super sweet and her outfit was featured in WWD Streetstyle.  

Coat:  Zara
Dress:  Naven (sim same color, note to size up as dresses run small)
Booties:  Jimmy Choo (similar and fantastic price!)
Bag:  Zara
Jewelry :  t+j Designs
Hat:  Asos (love this similar)

The show was amazing, feminine and a bit edgier than what Rebecca usually designs.  Lots of color blocking, textures, and fur.

 Recap #2 tomorrow and after going I'll also write a  recap of what to wear or bring to a winter fashion week.  Have you been keeping up with the shows online? 



Some inspiration photos from that I perused while getting ready to come to NYFW.  Beautifully shot and love the details.

I love the pops of pink against the snow and winter weather. I'll be bringing my favorite pink dress with me paired with tights and boots for a day at the shows.  It's the #3 dress in this pic (also thinking about buying this one):

Hopefully I get some pics up sooner than later of my adventures, but the easiest way to keep up with me would be my Facebook page or instagram (redsolesandredwine).  In NY now and especially looking forward to see the Rebecca Minkoff show!  Have a great weekend and stay warm.

*Did you catch my jewelry line's iPhone cases on the Today show on Wednesday?  Take a peak at the video here or you can purchase them on my site here.  I was beyond estastic, so cool to see something my sister and I created on the Today show for the second time!
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