Style Steals Friday!

It has been forever since I've blogged (10 days to be exact) and  I'm finally back.  It's strange to take a break as I've blogged for over 2 years without missing a week.  But this week was a crazy one, we moved on the coldest day ever in Chicago (with windchill -45 degrees) and my days have been filled with packing, unpacking and organizing.  As I'm now 36 weeks pregnant, you can imagine how hard it is to unpack, keep motivated, work and manage my little one.  It is nice though to reorganize and I LOVE my new house.  (See glimpses of my house below)

I've been spying some major style steals and since I'm close to having this second little one, I'm looking forward to wearing my clothes and shopping again!

#1     |     #2     |     #3     |     #4     |

#5     |     #6     |     #7     |     #8     |     #9

And this 3.1 Phillip Lim Dress I wore here is at a even deeper discount!  My jewelry line has some fabulous earrings for only $10 (flash sale ends today, Friday!!), shop them here.

I've been great at updating my instagram (@redsolesandredwine) and Facebook page daily with glimpses of my life and my house.  Here are two of my fav photos of the interior:

Happy Friday and weekend.  Stay warm and I'll post what I'm looking like next week :).


  1. your new place looks AMAZING babe!!

  2. You are my hero!! Enjoy the new place -it looks gorge!

  3. I super like the number 1 and 3. Love the colors and print. Great looking place you have, love it! Looks so comfy and relaxing.

  4. your new home looks ohhhh so amazing! i can't believe you moved during polar vortex!

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