Spring Camo & 5 Things That Helped Me Post Pregnancy

I've been asked by others how I balance home and work life after having two kids and these are 5 tips that have helped me do it all.  

Rag and Bone Jacket (budget here)

1) Lots of communication with my husband and figuring out how we can split up kid and home duties has been essential in keeping me sane.  Hubby takes a lot of morning shifts with my oldest while I feed and take care of my newborn.  He does the cooking, I do the laundry, etc.  His partnership is essential in balancing everything.

2) When I first had the baby, Dream Dinners, dropped off a week's worth of meals and it was a lifesaver.  I loved the food and it was super easy to make.  Basically you plan out all your meals online, they package it and you pick it up and it takes minutes to put together for a fantastic home made meal.  If have trouble with meal planning or need some help during a busy week, check out Dream Dinners, they have locations in many states.

3) I find it really essential to have date nights at least once a week (some have them once a month).  Find good sitters by asking friends for referrals or use services like care.com or sittercity.com.  Our favorite date nights are dining out at new places and we typically go out during the week rather than the weekends.  On these nights, dress up and take out the heels.  Don't be afraid to dress up!

4) Essentials I love for my baby are Bebe Au Lait Nursing cover, Halo Sleep Sacks, Nuk Pacifiers (we've tried every kind and my babies love love these pacifiers), Gucci Bag which I made my diaper bag (similar, I got mine for 50% off at the outlets) and my two favorite places to find baby clothes are Baby Gap and Janie and Jack.

5) Take time to do things for yourself.  Work (which I love), blogging, catching up with girlfriends, getting a haircut (I just did Friday, pic here), or even taking a long hot shower keeps me happy.   Keep up with the things you love even if it is just 5 min. a day, it helps. Sometimes life gets crazy with a screaming baby and a toddler running around, but during quiet time I always take a minute to myself.

All these things have helped me be a better mom and wife.  What tips do you have in keeping your life balanced?


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