Minty Heels

It all started with my new minty heels . . .

Forever 21 top (similar)
J Brand Denim

Sometimes I figure out what to wear based on my my footwear.  Spring weather has finally arrived so I pulled out these minty heels that I've been dying to wear.  I'm happy to say my winter gear can be put away and I don't have to look at my puffer coat until next winter!

Thank you to those that came out to the Le Dress event!  Great to see everyone and I'll share what I wore later this week.  I've got more events in the next week or so, be sure to check back and join me for some fun fashion events.  

Hope you had a great weekend!  Short post today as I'm gearing up for the week and my family is coming into town to celebrate my little one's 2nd birthday.  


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