Blank Denim

When I find something I love I tend to wear the item a lot.  This pair of denim  has the perfect amount of deconstruction, the fit is fantastic and the price is affordable.  I raved about my American Eagle Denim before and had quite a few friends who purchased them, but these are my new favorites.  

Rag and Bone Jacket
Equipment shirt (similar)

Even in hot weather I wear jeans (but when I took these photos last week it hadn't hit the temps we had this weekend).  My next task is finding the best denim shorts :).

Thank you to everyone for the kind Mother's Day notes and comments on my last post.  Writing is a difficult task for me so when I open up and receive such positive responses it feels good.  I had a wonderful weekend with my husband and boys, they treated me very well.  Lots of food and love, my favorite things.  Hope you had a wonderful day with your mother's and if you are a mom yourself, you got treated with sleeping in or a nap.  Let's be honest, sleep is is cherished when your a mom to babies and yes I got a nap in too!

Happy Monday!


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