Comfy Jumpsuit

This minute my jumpsuit appeared at my door, I slipped it on and wow, not only do I love the crazy print but it feels like pajamas.  

I've been searching for a jumpsuit for the summer and this was the perfect one.  I love color and prints but if you are looking for one that is solid this black one is also knit and on sale for a great price.  I'll certainly be wearing mine often this summer as well as packing it with me when I travel, the knit material and print hide wrinkles easily.  

Hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was full of time with my sons, we finally had unbelievable weather and all we did was play outside.  Although I love being with them, I sure am exhausted after a full day.  For those that stay at home with their little ones all day, you are amazing!  Gavin starts part time day care soon and it makes me sad when I start the process of getting care but I see how happy Grant has been.  He has great friends and learns a ton so overall both boys are in great hands.   One thing I need to do less of - worry and stress less.  

My sister and I have a big announcement soon so stay tuned.  This week however check out our current flash sale, $8 for our enamel link bracelets!  Shop them here.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, wish I had the guts to rock this!

  2. You look stunning! The jumpsuit looks great

  3. Love the jumpsuit but I don't think I can wear one cuz the bathroom issue. Don't you have to basically undress? I love your hat where did you get it from? How does yor body bounce back so quickly? You are so lucky!!

  4. I love the print and it looks great on you!

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