Hello Gorgeous!

I can't get enough of our fabulous tees :).  I find our white and black designs so easy to pair with skirts.  
Paired with a sequin skirt here and a tulle skirt here.
Celine Bag
t+j Designs Black and Clear Crystal Brooch Necklace
Pave Flat Link Bracelet
18K Gold and Pave Scallop Ring

I'm still in China so I've got limited access to social media.  Working away on new designs and you can see pics on my instagram (@redsolesandredwine).

If you love our tees and want the same look, I'm loving these affordable skirts below especially the mint one:


  1. Absolutely love this outfit! I adore polka-dots, so this skirt is a favourite!
    Just launched my own fashion and style blog. Hope you can check it out and follow me. I've just started following you! :)


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