Polka Dot Summer

t+j Designs Polka Dot Skirt
Traveling in NY this week!  Gosh I miss this city.  

Nasty gal cropped top
t+j Designs Polka Dot Skirt
t+j Designs Polka Dot Skirt
Christian Louboutin Pumps

Been eating some yummy food but overall it is a work trip for my sister and I to figure some things out for our business.  We are always brainstorming and making sure we are on top of trends and what's happening out in the marketplace.  It is always inspiring to see new things and taking  a little break from my computer.  

Happy week!  This month my company is celebrating our third year anniversary.  We will be having specials and celebrating our supporters and customers.  It's amazing that 3 years have flown by and thank you for all your support.  Take a look a our specials this week.


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