Posing With Grant

BCBG Feather Dress
Lately whenever I want to take blog photos Grant shouts, "I want to take pictures!"  It is the cutest thing and he holds my hands and smiles real big.  These were taken right before my husband and I headed out for date night and I thought it would be cute to share.  He is wearing his turtle pajamas with his converse sneakers.  

These aren't the best pictures but when I look at them I smile, my husband was frantically trying to take photos before Grant entered into my shots.  In the end, we got some great action shots of my son (shown at the end of this post).
t+j Designs clutch and jewelry
Grant Worman
BCBG Dress (sim white, black, luxe version)
Louboutin Pumps

I've been a stress case lately but my son (who is a little bit over 2 years old) teaches me to relax.  Grant is growing and learning so quickly these days.  He has taught me to be in the now and the things that come out of his mouth are so adorable I can't help but smile and laugh.  The other day he told me to wait a minute.  To hear my 2 year old tell me to wait a minute was hilarious to me.  Grant's a bit mischievous too.  He tries to convince me to give him Oreos or donuts in the morning and he will purposely give me a kiss and hug and than ask for something.  Who can resist :)?
What he notices, what he says, when he smiles and dances. .. it brings me joy.  His favorite band of the moment. . . Black Eyed Peas.

Happy almost Friday!


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