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More fun with my little one while I try to shoot my look :).  
I'm traveling again for fun and family.  It seems the past two months have flown by and I can't believe it is almost October.  

Valentino Bag
Hashtag Ring    |      Snake Midi Ring     |     Gold Circle Pave Ring
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This was shot earlier this summer when my dad came to visit but I couldn't share it until now as our  buffalo check skirts were released this week.  The best part about my business is working with my family everyday, the hardest part is not being close to them as they are all in Seattle and I'm in Chicago.  My boys love their grandpa and grandma so when they come to visit Grant gets especially excited.  They are here visiting again so the boys are having a great time and getting all the treats they like :).

Off on another adventure (family wedding).  Hope your week is good!


  1. Wow those heels! You are quite a sight helping to carry your gorgeous little boy down the street in heels! I missed a recent Kate Spade sale at my nearest store so I'm on strike from them and have been eyeing a dress... let's see how long my strike lasts...

  2. Love this look!! Cute shoes and skirt! :)

    xo - Sheila

  3. Love this outfit! The plaid skirt is gorgeous and we love the neon accessories!! Xox, K&E

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