Cameo Princess Top

This blue color and the silhouette reminded me of a princess top.  All I need is a crown and a ball gown skirt (maybe also a glass slipper) and I would be ready to go!

 The many Koi fish at the resort we were at in Hawaii
Cameo Bustier
Red soles and Red Wine

We took these photos quickly as my hubby and I were headed to dinner in Hawaii.  Back in Chicago now, I'll be pairing this top with these faux leather leggings I have for a night out.  

For those that didn't know, my hubby takes all my photos.  I am so appreciative of the time he allocates to do this for me and I think he does an excellent job.  He isn't a creative type or a photographer so for him to do this for me for the past three years is amazing.  When we first started this blog, it was a hobby and now it is a large part of my business.  He has grown with me and we went from quick snaps to him looking at images I like and figuring out how to get the same type of balance, lighting and poses.  On vacations it is harder for the both of us to want to take photos, we just want to relax and enjoy the moment.  This princess top post was the only outfit I shot while there.  It was nice to relax, get dressed up and just head to dinner :).  The highlight of the trip was a concert with Elton John!  His company hires a big headliner for these sales trips and wow was it amazing.  The voice, the red piano he played on and the fact I knew every song he sang made it the best time.  Thanks to the hubby for continuing this blog journey with me and taking me to Hawaii.  It was a much needed break.

Happy Friday and weekend!


  1. gorgeous top!

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