Stars and a Statement Necklace

Black Blazer, Tibi Stars Cami and Denim
One of my favorite jewelry pieces that we designed is the one I'm wearing here.  I've been wearing it a ton around town and I get stopped everywhere to ask where to get it.  I love being able to say it's my own design and on my own website :)

t+j Designs
Red Soles and Red Wine
Chanel Bag

The holiday season seems to have creeped upon us earlier than usual.  I mean once Halloween hit it seems like I've been nailed over the head with Christmas stuff and gift guides.  As a retailer myself, I feel overwhelmed.  We hadn't planned on marketing holiday gifts yet and I find myself trying to keep up but also make sure that our customers are happy with what we are doing.  This season is always the best, I love the excitement and being with family but work wise it does get a bit stressful.  As we approach Thanksgiving and you are ready to shop for the holidays, I hope you do think of us at t+j Designs and if you feel overwhelmed as I do, feel free to email me personally for any tips on gifts!  

The necklace I'm wearing is currently on pre-order and the perfect wow gift to someone who loves fashion jewelry.  Check out both versions, the Lexie and the Layla.


  1. Wow, this necklace is stunning!

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