Hearts and Arrows

With the snowstorm keeping us in we were a little stir crazy the past couple of days.  Even worse, my Comcast wasn't working and the TV and internet were down!  I couldn't really work and things were moving so slow on my phone.  It is funny how "connected" I always am, I can't even imagine days without my phone now. Do you freak out like I do when I leave my house without my phone?  How did I ever survive before?

Red Soles and Red Wine
Gap Denim     |     Louboutin Red Pumps     |     Celine bag     |

The snow started melting and my internet and cable came back 24 hours later but those 24 hours were pretty long :).  I will admit my biggest vice these days is being on my phone/emails/instagram/facebook way too much.  The only way I disconnect is by going on vacation which I hope to do soon.  Nothing on the books yet, but I'm dreaming about it!  How do you disconnect?  What are you rules about being on your phone?


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