Pink, Polka Dot and Stripes

This is my favorite outfit lately.  I love, love my new midi skirt we designed, and the pink Louboutins make me smile!

Pink Jacket (old, but this one will give a similar look)     |

I will be wearing this outfit again this weekend to a luncheon I'm attending.  My husband and I are excited to attend a family wedding and host a large dinner at our house on Friday.  We are busy prepping the house and I'll be sharing pictures of our set up on instagram (@redsolesandredwine) Friday through the weekend.  I love having company/parties at our home but the prep work and the clean up is the hard part :). 

Oh yes, I'm running the best giveaway on instagram starting Thursday - it's super easy to enter and you'll win $150 worth of goodies!  Good luck and happy week/weekend!


  1. Cute outfit! <3

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