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t+j Designs Polka Dot Midi Skirt
This winter weather is really cramping my style :) but the biggest lifesaver in getting me from event to event with limited time outside is Lyft.   I use my app, tell them my location and it locates a driver nearby to come pick me up at my door. I can track the driver and how many minutes it will take to arrive.  It's a lifesaver especially in the winter.  Want a free ride?

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t+j Designs Polka Dot Midi Skirt (new arrivals)     |      Layla Necklace     |

Lyft is offering my readers a free ride up to $20!  Download the app here and under the payment tab put in the code REDSOLES and you will receive your first ride for free!  With the amount of events I go to downtown and how much parking or valet is, Lyft is definitely a better priced option and convenient.  

The toughest part about this post, the weather.  It was snowing, windy and super cold.  The easiest part, having my Lyft arrive, my super friendly driver Mia (Lyft has a ton of women drivers which I love) and getting into a toasty warm ride.  

Happy week!  I'm attempting to shoot a t+j Designs photoshoot today in the Chicago weather.  If you want to check out any sneak peaks follow @tandjdesigns or me @redsolesandredwine on instagram.

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  1. gorgeous and i love lyft! so convenient and easy to use!



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