White Dress Ready with Grant

This white dress is a steal and comfortable. I wore this recently to a mommy and son brunch at the Langham hosted by the fabulous entrepreneur mommy Corri McFadden and her daughter Zelda.

White Textured Dress - comes in three colors; going to get this one too    |
Christian Louboutin Pink Pumps (same shoe in pretty peachy orange, blue and yellow)
Modern Deco Crystal Earrings     |   Star Lariat Necklace (only $28)     |

The brunch was unbelievable and I loved spending one on one time with Grant.  In addition, I met some more fashionable mommies who have little ones like me.  In all of our hectic lives, it is great to be able to spend a couple of hours bonding over fashion, food, and our love of our little ones.

Some of you may ask how I survived in this white dress while eating with my little one.  Well, it's with careful maneuvering of always wiping his little hands and changing immediately when I get home.  I love white but I don't wear it as much as I used to.  Special occasions, date nights, or out with the girlfriends is when I typically pull my white items out.  Don't be afraid to dress up when you are out without the kids.  I mean when else are you going to do it :)?


  1. You look very stylish!

  2. I was about to ask exactly this question! :D

  3. That dress is so gorgeous!! I am in love with it You look SO gorgeous!


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