Distressed Denim and Christina Karin

I've mentioned my friend Christina before in this post and this post; I love her designs and although I design and sell clothing now it is extremely important I support others doing what I do.  Small businesses need love and it's easy with Christina's line.  There were so many things I loved from her spring line that it was hard to choose!

Christina Karin Silk Top     |     Distressed Denim     |     
Feather Jacket (sold out) but just got this cape on sale!    |
Chanel Bag (vintage Chanel's here, budget here)     |    Christian Louboutin (other colors)    |

Check out her full collection here; and the affordable top I'm wearing is here.  

Today is the big day that my son Grant and I are traveling to Taiwan.  Luckily I'm with my parents who can help out and we are seeing my Grandpa whom I haven't seen in a while.  I'm pretty excited and look forward to sharing some of our adventures.  It is a pretty big deal for us as I only get to see my relatives once every few years.  I grew up with only my immediate family in the US so going back is always cherished.

Happy week; I'll be posting style posts as usual as I prep these ahead of time when I travel but keep up with my daily activity on instagram.


  1. Enjoy your time away and take lots of pictures!

    Happy Medley Blog

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