Minty Polka Dots

There is something so spring about the color mint and it's definitely one of my favorite colors to wear when the weather is nice.  A small group of us are doing a giveaway of this entire outfit . . .

All you have to do is to go to my instagram (@redsolesandredwine); find the picture of this outfit with the words giveaway and all the directions will be spelled out!  Super easy to enter and the loop is small.

My days have been filled working, designing for late summer/fall and trying to get everything done for a big trip next week.  On Monday, I take my oldest son to Taiwan to met my grandpa.  It's exciting but I got to admit I'm a bit nervous traveling over 19 hours on a plane and than the time change once I get there.  Also I'll be missing my other half back at home.  I'm hoping to relax (not work or blog) and to enjoy it all with my son.  It will be such a great memory for us together. I'll keep up with instagram and share my adventures when I get back.  Wish me luck next week!


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