Check Mate

This red check top has become one of my favorite items to wear; I think in a week I wore it three times!  Of course out with different people :).  Our weather has been cooler than normal so I have also paired it with skinny blue denim as well as white denim.

Lately my life has been full of meetings, late night emails with production regarding my clothing items for fall, keeping up with social media, and balancing family time.  Life seems more hectic than normal but things are good.  Sometimes when I feel like I'm drowning I have to take a breather.  Or let's be real most of the time it is glasses of wine or champagne that help me relax :).

Any tips on how you take a step back or relax?  

As always, thanks for following along with my style and life blog.  In some ways posting pictures and sharing tidbits is therapy for me!


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