The Jetset Diaries

One of my favorite dresses that I wore on the night of my anniversary dinner in New York and last night for a fashion event on the Odyssey cruise.  

Snake Wrap Bracelet (email jennifer@tandjdesigns to get special order, will be on site soon)

It is a definite statement dress that is fun to shoot and you would be surprised but super comfortable to wear!  The cruise I attended was full of friends, fun, and some of the best weather we've had.  Thank you to Glossed and Found for inviting me!

And in the past couple of months Hope, who works for me has been taking my photos.  I've had people ask me as they've seen my photos on instagram and blog change up a bit.  Thank you Hope for always taking the time to do these fabulous photos.


  1. So beautiful! I love Jetset Diaries, as their dresses are so perfect for summer nights!


  2. Love the dress, Jen! You look great. My family and I will be heading to Chicago next week and we did book a cruise with Odyssey. So excited!

  3. I am SOOOOO obsessed with that dress! The color is everything!

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