Top Five Best Walls in Chicago to Instagram or Shoot Photos

I've been asked recently where my favorite places are to shoot in Chicago and where my blog/instagram pictures are taken.  I'm an open book so I always share information but find it quite funny as some bloggers keep this information a secret.  Well, I'm doing the opposite and posting a blog post on it!

Below are the photos I shot and directions where.

1) Anthropologie Wall - 1548 N Fremont St.
Original post here

2) Pink/Blue/Black Garages -  On Ada Street next to Ada St Restaurant
Original Post here
Original post here

3.  Pink Garage with large heart - located at the Green Bean Nursery School across from Little Beans Cafe - 2214 N Elston
Pink Wall Chicago
Posting more pics this week (similar black dress here)

4.  HOME wall - Logan Square Bus Terminal 2634 N Milwaukee Ave

5. Chicago Wall - Milwaukee and Prindiville Street

I haven't shot as this wall yet but hope to soon!  Since it is in a parking lot sometimes cars are parked next to it.

There are tons of murals in the city but these are my favorites and I'll post one of my favorite places to shoot next week!


  1. Love this post!! I just posted a outfit pic in front of the Greetings From Seattle mural. :) I love going around and finding different murals in the city!

    xo - Sheila

  2. This is so great! I don't know why these things should be a secret, they are public walls after all! :))


  3. Thank you sooo much for sharing. Ur awesome! Cant wait to get some shots there. Cant wait to see more of ur amazing style!

  4. ooh so fun! that heart wall is my favorite. If you ever come to NY, I will gladly share the coolest spots to photograph ;)

  5. I love the garages in different colors! I like a graffiti that is on foster ave I think (have to ask my boyfriend) . There is a lot of traffic around there and I get shy but the pictures look great there.

    The Color Palette

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