Check Mate - Style Steal

My sister and I are in Vegas all week working Magic (wholesale show).  It is a bit nerve wracking planning ahead and than selling at these shows but we are learning so much!  Some of the booths here are amazing with dance floors, runways, and so many props.  Cross our fingers we do well; it's our first time here so we are a bit nervous.  Booth pic here.

While designing the fall line, I wanted to do a large check design and I was so excited to see my design come to life.   And yes the top and skirt are a set!  Can be worn separately or together like I did here.

(comes with tank & lined skirt)
Christian Louboutin Pumps (affordable ones here)

Short post today as I work the show, but I hope you've had the change to check out our new arrivals and take advantage of our 30% off friends and family, including this set I'm wearing.  

Happy week!


  1. i am soooo jealous!! i want to go to magic and your booth looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. I love the details of this dress. Cute! <3

    Lucy Van Dean | Instagram

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