Feather Frock (Style Steal)

This past weekend flew by so quickly.  We traveled back to Seattle to see my parents and I attended my high school reunion.   I didn't know what to expect but I was excited to see old friends who I haven't connected with in ages besides over Facebook.  

Denim Louboutin Pumps (similar style steal, so cute!)

I loved high school and had great memories.  I'm not sure why, but I did distance myself from my high school friends once I entered college and real life afterwards.  I moved to a a new city and new school for 8th grade, and grew up as a first generation Chinese kid so I never really felt like I fit in properly.  As with everyone else, the awkward phase, competitive phase, and all the things that come with the teen age phase were things I dealt with but with strict Chinese parents who didn't understand that going to a football game or dance wasn't about partying but about fitting in.  So after high school I awkwardly veered through college trying to start over fresh.  I went through a long period of trying to figure myself out, trying to figure out who my good friends were, and overall become a better person.  

In all, high school was pretty fun.  I reunited with some of my cheerleading girlfriends and fun times continued like it did back then.  Although we are all grown up and life has changed a bit, we all had the same youthfulness we had in high school.  Dancing away, drinking away (now that we are legal) and remembering our time together in the past and present.  4 years in high school seemed like forever and made such an impact on me; now 4 years seems to fly by like nothing.   I enjoyed seeing everyone, even for only a couple hours and hope I can stay in contact more often as I realized I do miss some of them.

As I grow older I try to have more fun, be more open, be more present in the now and enjoy life.  I was surprised at how much fun I had and how nice it was to see people that now I barely know.  Entering the party, there's a feeling of hesitation, will people remember me, do I look ok, and will people be nice?  All in all, everyone was wiser and friendlier and I had a great time.  Another wonderful memory to add to my bank.  

Regarding this style post - this feather frock is the newest addition in my new arrivals!  I love feathers and my sister and I combined our love of plaid, tops, color and feathers to create three feather frocks. Check them out here.


  1. That top is so much fun, love it on you!

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