Three Floor Mint Dress (on sale!)

Are you tired of my off shoulder obsession yet?  I really didn't realize how many items I have including ones I've designed that are off shoulder until I looked at my blog posts.  Seems summer meant off the shoulder the whole time :). 

Things on my list to do still as summer is flying by!

Hit the beach with my boys!  Can you believe we haven't done this yet?

Go back to Cindy's Rooftop for dinner and drinks as it is fabulous there.

Take more days off to enjoy the Soho house pool.  

Paint more! I've been trying my hand at more paintings so hopefully share one of them soon.

I head to Vegas soon for the largest apparel/accessory wholesale show.  Crossing our fingers it does well as it is a big step for us at t+j Designs.  And don't forget to check out our friends and family sale this week!  Everything is 30% off, take a peak here.


  1. I definitely dream about going to this party place again. The live music at best happy hour nyc was an added bonus, providing a backdrop for the fun hours spent imbibing, tasting, and chatting up with the breweries and beer distributors.

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