How to Stylishly Wear Black (Style Steals)

I've never been a huge fan of wearing black and it isn't because I don't love black apparel but I think it is a bit on the safe side when it comes to fashion.  If you attend a wedding or event, most people wear black.  I think there is a comfort level there and the ability to hide behind the black.  In a sea of black you can't be judged for your style.  But I'm a huge believer that something should always be added that represents you and glam up your style.  I started looking through my pictures and realized I do wear black but I add touches to it so it represents me.  Here are some tidbits on what I would recommend if you have a closet full of black clothes and want to finish up with a touch of style.

#1 outfit  

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#3 outfit
Black Peplum Dress (similar style steal $14)     |    Pearl Tassel Necklace

1) Accessorize!  Now I say this not only because I love to accessorize and design jewelry but fashion jewelry really does finish an outfit.  Stick with one statement item, earrings or necklace but something added that shows a bit of your personal touch.  Stick to clear crystals or pearls if you want to wear the item with everything.  (This set in gold and silver has the perfect items for a steal!)

2) Add a color or print in your coat/jacket/shoes - adding a color of some sort or print, leopard being my favorite, breaks up the all black factor!  And if you are bold go for that bright coat or jacket.  It definitely brightens up any outfit.

3) Textures - Think silk, sequins, velvet, wool.  Fabrics with texture in black look luxurious so when you buy black go for quality.

4) Find a shape or silhouette fitted somewhere.  Black, shapeless garments are the worse and can make you look bigger than thinner.  A halter, a tank, a fitted waist, a peplum, all these things help give you shape and break up the black.

5) Jewelry, bag, shoe - this is my foolproof combination.  One piece of jewelry (gold dangle earrings or a pretty necklace), a great bag and a fabulous shoe will stylishly get you through any outfit.  If you have extra money to spend, go for the bag or shoe that can be worn time and time again and save on the outfit.

Hope you find my tips useful!  Wear black but add a touch of yourself.

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