Coffee Shop PhotoShoot - Asado Coffee

Nothing beats girlfriends, a cute coffee place and comfiness of a sweatshirt!  Wow, sounds like an episode of Friends right?

Frigid temps that day (negatives) really did have us gearing up for lots of coffee.  The Asado crew was so kind to gift us a couple cups and let us take over the front of their shop!  Our 20 minute shoot ended up with a car being towed and my team and I getting into a strange man's car thinking it was our Uber.  Fun times with these girls.  It is amazing I have friends that will come out in the frigid temps to do this.

Check out all our new arrivals, I'm so excited about our coats, sunglasses and this lip print skirt.


  1. You all look so good! This is so cute :)

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