PINK! Fox Fur Hooded Canvas Coat

It is so cold!!!!  5 degrees and feels like -15.  So what do 
you need when it is this cold?  A stylish warm coat and of course pink fur is the perfect touch for me.

Gold Flats (old) similar here and here in silver glitter

This year I am working ahead and this Canvas Coat is a first for my fall collection but I got so many responses to the coat in instagram we launched a couple units early as it is cold everywhere and you can wear it now.  If you love it like I do, check it out here.  Super warm and cozy and I love the luxe fur trim.

I survived the sickness phase at my house and my foot is starting to feel better.  I hope you and your loved ones are doing well, it seems everyone around me is getting sick.  'Tis the season right?!

Our ebook launch today and we are beyond excited to hear from readers what they think.  My sis and I are in the works for more. Stay tuned.

Happy week and hope you got today off!!


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