Snow Days with Black Coffee Please

When I was a kid snow days were the best days.  With a fresh fall of snow I went outside and had to play around!  And as always on my blog, I'm showing off another style steal coat (this time with faux fur collar which I love).

Bow Rain boots old but these are super similar!

Life these days is a blend of stressful laughter.  What has happened?

1) We did a mini photoshoot, my friend's car got towed, my team got into a car to wait since it was freezing outside to make sure my friend was ok but we thought we were waiting in our uber but it wasn't, it was a strange man's car who was kind of enough to let us sit there and talk to him for like 3 minutes!!  We jumped out laughing and screaming.  Note to self, look at your uber app for the car/license plate before opening doors :).

2) My left foot had to be reviewed by a doctor (I dropped my laptop on it while unpacking) so tomorrow I get my X-ray results.  Let's pray it is all ok and just needs some rest.  No fractures please.  

3) In addition to my foot, I have hives and a respiratory infection.  Fun times.

4) Everyone in my family is sick

Hmm seems more like bad news than good news but overall I am ok :).  It is always good to smile even in stressful times.  I am hoping my foot is ok and I do feel like my cold is getting better.  Here's to the weekend right?


  1. I love this look, it is so cute for the snow. I am pretty obsessed with the sunglasses/hat combo you've got going on. I hope your foot turns out ok!
    - Jessica
    Miss Moore Style

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