Pretty in Pink: Lip Print Skirt and Feathers

Last year we launched a glitter lip graphic tee shirt and it was such a hit that I decided to do a lip print skirt for spring.  Even if you aren't a Valentine's Day girl, you can't help but smile when you see the pretty print!  I was so excited on how it turned out.  

In addition, I added new items to my site including this feather jacket and my style steal sunglasses

My weeks have been crazy and it has been due to our Ebook . . .

My sister and I's Ebook had a fantastic launch.  Bad news, the platform we used messed up and refunded all our money back to the customers although they got the book.  #Epicfail But you know what I learned - people are good - we contacted our customers and they responded kindly!  Still working things through but you can now buy our book "How we gained 20,000 instagram followers in 8 simple steps" on our site.  And so proud, all three of our accounts hit 40K!  That's 120K followers.  (@redsolesandredwine, @tiffanyish, @tandjdesigns) I'm excited and shows that our methods work.  We love our customers/followers and it's wonderful to hear from them everyday on instagram.

Looking ahead and look out for new jewelry, new clothing and hopefully another ebook by summer.  Thank you for following along and if you bought our book - feel free to reach out with any questions.


  1. Love this festive look.


  2. I love those shoes, but they're so expensive! Check out - its a great way to rent your favorite trends from the top designers ( Chanel, McQueen, YSL...) at fast fashion prices! Plus you are helping the earth, nice little bonus :)


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