t+j Designs Valentine's Day Style + Maven (Shopping Advice!)

We designed a small collection of Valentine's Day inspired items and this outfit is one of them.  One of my girls shot these pictures a little while ago at one of our favorite spots (take a peak at my favorite places to shoot photos in Chicago here).  I'm trying to get better at posting more of my looks on the blog.  Lately instagram has been much easier for me to post on daily.  I do miss blogging!

Valentine's Day is vastly approaching and as most of you know, we have tons of great giftable items on t+j Designs but do you or your significant other struggle with gift giving?  I've got the the best free service suggestion . . .

(the last image was to show off how cute the pattern was)

Maven is a new site (my friend is one of the founders!) where you can chat with experts to help you with any shopping issue.  So if you want a certain coffee table or rug or if you or your significant other is the not a great gift giver, advise them to use Maven!  It's free so there's no risk, no contracts to sign, no requirement to even buy what they suggest (and they'll give great suggestions).  It will save you time and you'll also be supporting a fellow entrepreneur like me.  

Let me know what you think if you use it, I would love to hear.  My hubby will be trying it out this Valentine's Day :).  

My goals this week - share another V-day inspired look and I really want to do a post on how I look for shoes to purchase!  Happy week.  


  1. Ahhahaha love these looks for Valentine's Day!

    Ashley || Sed Bona

  2. Marvelous outfit!! Red top is just looking cool with polka dot skirt and watermelon clutch is just adding the grace to outfit.Love the watermelon clutch so much. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. This is such a fun (and appropriate!) Valentine's day look! Love it!


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